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Betting Or Reinforced? Foreign Monks Chanting Necessarily--oak Led Flood Light

Oct 12, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] foreign monks chanting? Stadium lights domestic enterprises seem particularly interested in international companies to spin out of business. Philips Lumileds related to its LED automotive lighting production and upon release, immediately triggered domestic companies competing to acquire eventually the rich and powerful GO Scale Capital (GSR Ventures and Oak Investment Partners coalition Fund) kindly consider Lumileds 80.1% of the shares, spend 3.3 billion US dollars. backpfrontp same level of Osram led stadium light, in April this year announced plans to spin-off channel business, and business is expected to complete within 12 months of the spin-off. In June, the Board of Supervisors OSRAM approved the spin-off plan, mainly involving specific division, brand licensing program, the restructuring plan of the world's plant and other lighting products. Analysts said Osram lighting business worth up to 1 billion euros, including debt. backpfrontp as the world's second largest lighting company, OSRAM launched this program a domestic capital will be around the corner. Feile Audio-Visual (600651.SH) in July will be the first statement said, expect the acquisition of OSRAM high power led flood light channel business, in order to accelerate the pace of internationalization strategy. backpfrontp betting BDO Runda acquisition complements downstream backpfrontp Then, on August 25 evening, BDO Runda (002005.SZ) announced that the company intends to cooperate with the national industrial funds jointly acquire overseas assets of a lighting company, it is expected to involve amount between about 40-60 million yuan, has entered a substantive stage negotiations. Osram channel business analyst estimates backpfrontp amount and involved one billion euros given in good agreement, it is no wonder speculation that the object of major assets and equity Acquisition is OSRAM's channel business in the market. This operation backpfrontp possibility is there, but personally feel a little aggressive. A domestic listed company executives told Engineering 1000W LED flood light. BDO Runda the LED chip started in 2012 acquired a Hong Kong listed company NVC Lighting (2222.HK), originally intended to use the power of NVC, the full layout of the LED channels downstream applications, but do not want the latter to be Wang Lei of war Exhausted, combat greatly reduced. backpfrontp reported a January-June 2015, BDO Runda operating income reached 2.054 billion yuan, an increase of 6.15%. Because, LED bay light, lighting product prices have declined over the previous year, BDO Runda LED operating income in the first half of 985 million yuan, down 5.53 percent over the previous year, LED business proportion of total revenue 47.96% , gross margin was 20.63%, compared with last year fell by 9.48 percent. backpfrontp BDO Runda the LED chip's influence, and can not make up for their lack of in LED tunnel light midstream package link, and not to mention the success of downstream acquisitions, forcing BDO Runda have to find other breakthrough. OSRAM's channel business spin-off, just to divert exports BDO Runda internal contradictions. backpfrontp BDO Runda true if the acquisition OSRAM channel business heart, it means they have to realize the integration of key junctions. But have to say, this may be their first bet. These people think. backpfrontp Foshan Lighting weakening contradiction to expand overseas backpfrontp and another with OSRAM rumored is Foshan Lighting (000541.SZ). Also on August 25 evening, Foshan Lighting announcement, the company is working with Bain Capital (Hong Kong) Limited planning a major M \u0026 A matters. backpfrontp although general manager of Foshan Lighting LED division this closely guarded secret, saying that all the announcement based, for the time being there are no more clues to the GYM Lighting and channel business OSRAM pull closer. But the former Osram years foundry history, people are more willing to both generate some association. backpfrontp fact, Osram Foshan Lighting is the largest shareholder of 23.97% state-owned shares in 2005, Foshan Lighting Foshan SASAC held were transferred to Germany Osram Prosperity Holdings Limited and Hong Kong Prosperity Lamps and Components Limited. After the transfer, the proportion of Osram stake to 13.47%. backpfrontp Informed sources have said the White Osram Foshan Lighting, merely to channel the aid of the latter to develop their own domestic market. OSRAM major markets in Europe and North America, the fear of competition with the industry, which has been suppressed with Foshan Lighting plans to open up overseas markets. backpfrontp willy-nilly, Foshan Lighting price in the domestic lighting industry has a killer title. In the past few years, the acquisition lighting business after another, the Foshan Lighting is always absent. LED lighting competition is becoming increasingly fierce, rely on their own development without the aid of capital epitaxial acquisitions, doomed in the competition will be at a disadvantage. backpfrontp With OSRAM in China increased influence, and Foshan lighting to enhance their own power, the contradictions between the two can also be non deceiving resolved. backpfrontp other hand, Foshan Lighting 2009 annual report due in 2010 mid-year report and annual report, disclose the transactions and relationships associated with a number of companies in the report and annual report in 2011, was fined 400,000 yuan Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau ordered to make corrections and given a warning. The endless litigation claims but also to investors Foshan Lighting devastating. Statistics show that by the end of 2014, Foshan led street Lighting has announced provision for the compensation payments 61.4383 million yuan, 14.1677 million yuan in the first half of this year once again accrued compensation and legal costs for investors. Currently, investors are hearing complaints Foshan Lighting Securities impact statements false case there are four cases, involving 200 million yuan more than the claim amount. backpfrontp frightened like a series of penalties and litigation, so Foshan Lighting quite binding the hands, making it difficult as competitors in the same industry as the expansion of the company through a large-scale merger integration, to expand overseas business. Channel Business section backpfrontp Osram demolition, the Foshan Lighting is, it is a rare opportunity, domestic overcapacity, if the aid OSRAM brand and channels to expand overseas business, a supplement to expand overseas opportunities in recent years, missed the company executives for the company's future may be less worried. backpfrontp addition, coveted Osram LED channel business of domestic enterprises far more than the BDO Runda and Foshan Lighting two, the sun lighting (600261), Chau Ming Technology (300232.SZ) and others have acquired OSRAM channel business justified. And there is news that Osram has also been commissioned by Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) for selecting the best buyer. (International giants) lighting business spin-off, in their pursuit of profit maximization, while domestic companies competing to acquire, but also perhaps a good thing. (002076.SZ) lighting division general manager Liu Wright was represented by a. backpfrontp But in practical terms, the valuation is not a small number of one billion euros, OSRAM channel business really bring these companies to give domestic peer valuation or value is exceeded, or unknown.