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Best Fest: Performance, Price, Sale And Three Drive-refoulement---led Stadium Floodlights

Oct 27, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin With the LED stadium light equipment market concentration is increasing, companies began to launch various initiatives to find new profit growth engine, or by making a large scale to reduce In pursuit of the highest cost-effective, competitive differentiation or plan how to find another way. High cost equipment is a prerequisite to business choice, especially for some of the capacity is not large package of small and medium enterprises, a device can be used to generate a variety of products can save a lot of costs. LIU Dong-hai, deputy general manager Jia Fest representation. backpfrontp Shenzhen City Jia Fest Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in high power LED flood light solid crystal research and development, manufacturing, sales and service four-dimensional integration of new high-tech enterprises, the company's high-speed automatic solid crystal machine suitable for a variety of products, including 1000W LED flood lights, digital control , dot matrix, SMD, piranhas, COB, IC, high-power LED and so on. backpfrontp at this year's Light Fair booth, the company unveiled new devices: ultra high speed linear motor headed Bonder BT-929A, with excellent user interface and high-precision mechanical design, performance, stable and accurate. Operation is simple and convenient design, easy manipulation of a multi-machine, LED street lighting in order to reduce labor costs. backp good introduction Fest photoelectric booth LIU Dong-hai, the device is a dual-stage, dual-state head, hourly production capacity of up to 50K or more linear trajectory, zero wear, longer life, higher accuracy, in addition, its unique vacuum motor rotating arm structure, an advantage for the production of red 0603,020 small chips.LED bay lights, The device can be adjusted backpfrontp table for patch, filament, integrated, high-power, COB, flip, and other products, in addition, the cartridge with the table seamlessly, avoiding the stand slightly deformed card stock. LIU Dong-hai said the device also includes a touch-sensitive precision dispensing with thermostat, carbon fiber swing arm, ensure high stability operation, and can easily flip chip solid crystal production. backpfrontp equipment performance under similar circumstances, who price advantage who will be able to seize more market.LED arena light LIU Dong-hai said that customers can recognize good Fest equipment, in addition to excellent performance, even more important is that our prices are cheaper. backpfrontp addition, Jia Fest more attention to after-sales service, the company's existing market coverage throughout the country,led tunnel light so long as there is good Fest equipment where there is good Fest photoelectric strong technical support and improve after-sales service . For manufacturers, time is effective, gym lights we will maximize the reduction to the customer due to equipment failure caused by lost production. LIU Dong-hai said.