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Beneficial Up To 80 Million Yuan Capital Increase Proposed Busy Earthshaking Two Subsidiaries

May 19, 2017

  LED stadium lights zhuangao frontp November 2, Sea Star (002 137) announced that the company subsidiary in order to further support the development of yuan-hatch, while meeting the needs of its business, the company intends to increase 55 million yuan yuan-hatch Yuantong hatch subscribed registered capital of 19 million yuan added. LED stadium lighting The capital increase is completed, the registered capital will be changed Yuantong hatch 1 million yuan to 2,000 yuan, the remaining capital increase funds included in capital surplus, the company holds yuan-equity ratio is still 100 percent hatch. backpfrontp According to the announcement shows that the real benefits of a wholly owned subsidiary of yuan-hatch main business of property management; investment management, investment counseling advice; construction, decoration works, housing leasing; domestic trade, import and export business. high power led flood light beneficial up, he said the company intends to increase 55 million yuan yuan-incubator hatching new yuan-subscribed registered capital of 19 million yuan, and the remaining funds included in capital surplus. backpfrontp real benefits of recurrence announcement said the company in order to further support business development subsidiary of the real benefits of lighting, tennis court lights and promote beneficial up to lighting the sustained and healthy development, as well as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the core backbone personnel of the subsidiary, to further improve the ownership structure, optimizing the corporate governance structure, the company capital increase of 25.752 million yuan to the beneficial lighting. executives backpfrontp while beneficial up to lighting Miss Xue Guixiang 300,000 yuan in cash capital increase shares beneficially of lighting, the real benefits of lighting 18 core staff proposed to establish new LED tennis court lights investment partnership (limited partnership) capital increase in cash 2,448,000 yuan shares of beneficial lighting. After the capital increase completed, the real benefits of the registered capital of 11 million yuan lighting will be changed to $ 30 million, and the remaining capital funds included in capital surplus, the company holds equity ratio will be beneficial up to lighting 100% to 93.89% decline. backpfrontp According to announcements, a subsidiary of the real benefits of LED high bay lights main business is the design, development, production and sales of LED tunnel lighting products, LED backlight and LED displays, LED driver power supply and control system; LED chip packaging and sale. backp