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Bench Work Electronics Golden Globes: 'High-speed Automatic Separation By Machine' To Lead The Market---high Power Led Flood Light,led Stadium Light

Oct 19, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng] in the field of packaging equipment, LED stadium light industry in the past tend to believe that foreign equipment sophisticated enough, and with the rapid development of technology in recent years, domestic enterprises, domestic equipment and gradually narrow the gap between international manufacturers equipment, packaging equipment made to accelerate the pace again, replace domestic equipment of foreign equipment has become an irresistible trend, in the process, the emergence of a large number of outstanding representatives of enterprises.We recently introduced a high-speed automatic separation by machine using the new turntable feed mechanism, the vibration plate track will cancel the front stopper nozzle directly with the turntable docking, when high power LED flood light products through the vibration plate drive directly into nozzle on the turntable, the turntable is provided with a nozzle position control optical fiber, used to determine whether the 1000W LED flood light products are in place (i.e., whether the product is completely into the mouthpiece of the turntable). Dongguan Taiwan Electronic Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as bench work electronics) Fan DAVID vice president of sales representation. It is understood that Taiwan workers developed a new electronic gauge ejector mechanism moves up and down electromagnet transmission structure, can quickly drive the ram up and down movement, both to ensure fast will not need to feed the high power LED stadium light product block, to be in need fast down the feed to ensure feed rate, greatly reducing the feed cycle, thereby improving overall device operating speed, reaching Nissan 1kk goal. backp bench work electronics workshop backpfrontp Therefore, bench work electronics products has also been following the unanimous praise of customers. Rectangular LED street lighting: new high-speed sorting machines of speed station technology work quickly, and very stable; Country star power: such a competitive situation, this mechanism of splitting machine is still very worth using, let us appreciate the Speed and quality assurance. Hongli Opto-electronic: Fast Bin appears to meet our need for speed, low failure rate also increases the efficiency of our work;in Gold Taiwan: Taiwan workers in the new machine stability in the peer-class product compared to the speed of Yes; Foreign Optoelectronics: bench work fast Bin sorting machines for small damage of the material, which is very good; backpfrontp Tiancheng Star: On the speed is very stable, very consistent with our small amount of Bin spectroscopic demand; backpfrontp Rynin lighting: new high-speed spectrometer is easy to meet individual needs, not just for popular LED bay light products, other types of LED running good; backpfrontp Hong source of photoelectric: None reclaiming agencies machines and materials to avoid friction, reduced material damage rate; backpfrontp Shanxi Huaguang: greatly improved production efficiency, cost, and maintenance cost of the machine are reduced; backpfrontp Fresno: The company's sorting machines speed is very stable, compared with the previous mechanism failure rate should be low; backpfrontp in the photoelectric: in terms of speed and stability are easily exceed other peers, cost is higher;new agency was set up by the front rail blowing needles and other simple mechanism, simplified mechanism is operated to reduce agency costs, further reducing the failure rate possible, but also greatly improve the compatibility between the agency, but also more suitable for a variety of LED arena light products, while self-test by blowing out the bad products, without reclaiming agency also reduces the need for LED products Damage rate itself, so customers increased pass rate in the production process. Fan David representation. It is understood that this 2015 Golden Globe led gym light Engineering, bench work electronics section also will bring high-speed automatic separation by machine involved in the final awards competition, can win the title, but also please the circle of colleagues to wait and see!