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Bad Market? Look Multinational Giants Are Pushing What New Products

Mar 22, 2017

   Giants every move is always to get the industry's largest concern, especially in the field of LED stadium lights. Philips, Osram, Cree and other multinational giants in technology development, product layout of the new action from the largely represent the industry's future development trend of the market and higher profits. Since the second half of 2015, international bigwigs frequently emit large operation, development of new products, the introduction of new technology, and strive to obtain greater market. LED stadium lighting Liang Rui (LUMILEDS) launched a new LUXEON COB 1216backpfrontp LUXEON COB 1216 implemented in the industry standard package up to 15,000 lumens, help shed light street lamps and high designers to reduce lighting costs. Latest member backpfrontp LUXEON COB portfolio - bright sharp LUXEON COB 1216, will street, high-bay lights and downlights designer high lumen output derive advantage. In exactly the same size, these arrays can provide 40% higher than the bright sharp existing COBs flux. Eric Senders backpfrontp bright sharp COB LEDs product line director, we continue to promote the progress of COB technology to achieve higher performance, which for all lighting applications, particularly in terms of outdoor lighting is extremely important, with this new arrays, combined with our the industry's lowest thermal resistance, under normal conditions, the customer is able to obtain light efficiency 150 lm / W, and produce the most cost-effective system. backpfrontp Philips Lighting to develop the Chinese market backpfrontp smart home as early as the end of June 2015, high power led flood light the global lighting industry leader Philips and the leading power and automation technology group ABB announced that they will cooperate in China, Philips Hue smart home lighting systems and ABB i- intelligent home control systems integrate seamlessly to provide consumers with integrated intelligent home lighting control solutions, work together to promote the rapid development of China's smart home market. backpfrontp As another important part of the collaboration, ABB and Philips will work together to guide the market and a series of promotional activities online and offline, to more Chinese consumers to promote smart home concept, and related products and applications, and promote smart home popularization and application in China.1000W led flood light Recently, a new Hue Hue Bridge 2.0 with intelligent light bulb finally arrived, assisted in Hue Bridge 2.0, users now can even be directly controlled by Siri intelligent home Hue bulbs. backpfrontp It is understood that a rounded rectangle Hue Bridge 2.0 can connect up to 50 Hue smart bulbs, while controlled illumination status of these bulbs only on an iOS device or Apple Watch for Siri can speak simple voice commands, such as lights the brightness is adjusted to 10% and access to night mode. backpfrontp OSRAM automotive lighting products backpfrontp concentrate production because the company has a special ability in OLED lighting and laser lighting, OSRAM will continue to maintain its global leadership position in the field of automotive lighting. backpfrontp 2015 In September 2009, Osram located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, the second plant has gone into operation, in order to further expand its production capacity in the region.LED high bay light The new plant mainly produces automobile and display areas of lighting products. backpfrontp It is understood that OSRAM products are mainly used in high-end cars such as BMW and Audi, the company expects the second half will continue to add more products. backpfrontp Osram Lighting Co. Bronte seed region Gunnar Eberhardt, CEO Asia Pacific, said: invest in a new factory in Kunshan New special lighting further reflects the OSRAM to produce China's long-term commitment to serve the Chinese market. With the continuous growth of China's auto market, we will continue to provide the most advanced lighting technologies and products to customers in China. backpfrontp CREE new generation of XLamp XQ-E HIbackpfrontp 2015 In September 2009, Cree (CREE) officially launched a high intensity level white and color XLamp XQ-E HI LED series, in order to optimize the design for higher optical performance and health. backpfrontp XLamp XQ-E HI LED flood light optical symmetry XLamp XQ-E HD LED lineage came and color consistency in all the range of colors to help lighting manufacturers to improve color mixing and streamline production processes. backpfrontp learned that the launch of the white Cree XLamp XQ-E HI LED products, color temperature 2,700 K to 6,200 K by the optional CRI 70,80,90 optional. And, XLamp XQ-E HI LED application samples are available now, and according to the standard lead time for mass production. backpfrontp LED Engineering research learned that, after the launch of Cree XLamp product line, such as warm white XLamp XB-D LED, XLamp XT-E LED series has been applied finalists Lhasa road construction projects lighting project, Baoji South Station and other devices reliability in the market has been widely recognized, and the high intensity level XLamp XQ-E HI after this new upgrade will once again caused a sensation. backpfrontp Wicop LED tunnel lights Seoul Semiconductor released a new product backpfrontp 2015 In September 2009, Seoul Semiconductor issued the true mass without packaging (PKG) new concept LED: Wicop2 LED. backpfrontp Seoul Semiconductor representative director Lee Jeong-hoon expressed, Wicop2 LED, overcome by the silicon semiconductor CSP brought imperfections; breaking the limit often said chip size package technology, truly new concept unpackaged LED arena lights products. backpfrontp Currently, Seoul Semiconductor is now preparing a new concept of LED Wicop2, attack wins LED light source market about 20 trillion ($ 20B) lighting, automotive and IT components. backpfrontp Seoul Semiconductor Central Institute of South Kai Fansuo Zhang stressed that Seoul Semiconductor has built over hundreds Wicop associated with global patent components and related technology products concern to imitate the movements. backpfrontp Epistar and Cree signed a patent cross-licensing agreement backpfrontp 2015 August Epistar and Cree signed a global LED chip patent cross-license agreement to further promote the growth of LED lighting and LED lamp market. backpfrontp Under the terms of the agreement, both parties will get the other side of the nitride LED chip patent license and grant the other part of the non-nitride LED chip patents. backpfrontp and other terms of the licensing agreement were not disclosed, the transfer of technology between the two sides have not been included in the agreement. backpfrontp Epistar chairman Li Bingjie said the signing of this licensing agreement will help us accelerate the development of innovative, clearly demonstrates the strength of our LED chip patents, and we hope to further promote RGB LED flood lighting market growth expectations and, through this cree cross-licensing agreement, Epistar LED chip can be provided around the world, and ultimately benefit our customers. backpfrontp this, LED production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) senior analyst Lee germinal believe that Epistar and Cree chose to conduct nitride LED chip patents, can be described as well-intentioned. Epistar 2014 revenue growth of 25%, while the first half of 2015 Epistar revenue has declined 9.5 percent, the mainland LED manufacturers continue to face pressure applied, Epistar move but find another way out, authorized, its chip It can be sold around the world, for business boost. backpfrontp push Samsung flip ultra CRI COB meet business license application backpfrontp 2015 In September 2009, Samsung LED introduced the industry's leading high-quality color chip circuit board COB array LED, the new COB packages CRI (CRI) 超过 95, LES 40WCOB package diameters from 17mm down to the lowest specified 6mm, The products are mainly used in commercial lighting applications. JaCOB Tarn, executive vice president of Samsung's LED lighting business backpfrontp team said that by expanding the LED lighting market COB package lineup, in order to achieve our larger value, while allowing customers to design more flexible lighting to meet market demand. backpfrontp Samsung LED has introduced three new small LES COB package (LC010C, LC020C and LC040C). backpfrontp its new COB light LC series includes LC006B, LC008B, LC013B, LC019B, LC026B, LC033B and LC040, operating power coverage of 6W-60W, is mainly used for commercial lighting applications. backp