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Backlight Demand Reflux + Shipping Support New Billion Light Performance Is Expected To Increase Slightly

May 18, 2017

    LED stadium lights packaging manufacturers billion light kinetic energy of the third quarter of this year due to weak and LED backlight sustained decline in value, single-quarter revenue similar to the previous quarter, not the busy season, but in the NT devaluation effect, led stadium lighting preliminary estimates suggest that one-on-quarter profit and still almost the same season. Expected order and stability in illumination, TV backlight demand reflux, new product shipments support, the performance is expected to increase slightly in the fourth quarter. backpfrontp billion light over the past 10 years to maintain revenue growth, but in 2015 due to the overall economic correction and monitor industrial restructuring and fierce competition in lighting, high power LED flood light continuous decline in value, annual revenue estimates earnings will decline. Among them, the third quarter of this year by weak demand and 1000W LED flood light panel depreciation impact is not busy season, single-quarter revenue similar to the previous quarter, but the effect of a devaluation helped NT outer margin and industry exchange gains, preliminary estimates suggest that profits still flat. backpfrontp With the recent TV backlight orders reflux, lighting ship stability, as well as another new product production and reinvestment lighting company into the new design, LED tunnel lights fourth-quarter revenue is expected to have the opportunity over the previous quarter slightly warming. backpfrontp As for the new plant construction is still in accordance with the original plan. It is reported that ZTE billion light industrial area located gong new plant will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2015, and formally entered the refurbishment of the transfer in 2016 will continue to import new SMD production line.LED arena lights Early will be automotive lighting, infrared and other high-end applications products. backpfrontp Outlook 2016, the company plans to launch new products in the next year of various types, including infrared LED, ultraviolet LED tennis court lights (disinfection, paper money, etc.), automotive lighting (into the original supply chain and cut into the headlights, turn signals, daytime running lights project), niche applications through business development, relatively lower proportion of backlight products, improving product mix. But still, LED high bay lights as the practical benefits of new product certification and new customers to promote the case may be. backp