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Australian Foreign Shunchang Third Quarter Results Showed 'double Down' To Raise Funds Two Projects Epitaxial Silicon Convertible Bond Extension

May 17, 2017

  [text / Engineering LED stadium lights Zhao Hui] spent the first half of the net revenue increase in both the good old days, Western Australia VSC in the third quarter appears to have been increasingly falling demand and fierce competition dragged into the third quarter, its revenue and net profit also showed a decline in both the adverse situation. High power led flood light October 30 evening, LED epitaxial chip companies Western Australia VSC (002245.SZ) disclosed the 2015 third quarter report. The report shows that Australian foreign Shunchang achieved third quarter operating income of 369 million yuan, down 10.87%,1000W LED flood light attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 48.5543 million yuan, down 5.25 percent. backpfrontp the first half of 2015 Australian foreign Shunchang further growth in both revenue and net profit reached 9.73% and 71.17%. backpfrontp earnings data show that in 2015 1--9 months, the Australian foreign Shunchang operating income of 1.118 billion yuan, an increase of only 2.61%;RGB LED flood light attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 181 million yuan, up 50.91 percent increase. LED business is the production and operation in good condition, the production line is in full production status, product sales better. £ - Australian foreign Shunchang secretaries said that the current Australian foreign Shunchang been part of the extension into the production of 4-inch piece of equipment. The company continues to increase R \u0026 D investment in LED tunnel lights technology, flip-chip technology has gradually matured and partly put into mass production, and improve the overall technical strength. backpfrontp Australian foreign Shunchang Third Extraordinary General Assembly resolutions in 2014 had said the company proposed public offering of convertible bonds, plans to raise total funds not more than 510 million yuan, the total investment in the company's LED arena lights epitaxial wafers and chips Industrialization Project (two period). May 5, 2015, Australian foreign Shunchang received approval documents approved by the Commission on public offering of convertible bonds. backpfrontp 2015 .8.21, the Australian foreign Shunchang 2015 First Extraordinary General Assembly passed the 'motion on the extension of the validity of the resolution of convertible bonds the shareholders' meeting.' Given the actual situation of the capital market, until now, the Australian foreign Shunchang convertible bonds have not been issued. backpfrontp £ - also said that if the convertible bonds can not be issued on time will have some impact on the company's LED epitaxial wafers and chips Industrialization Project (Phase II). When talking about LED gym lights progress in the second phase of construction, £ - he said that the current LED built two plants, two projects in the PSS (image substrate) section has been completed, can provide some conventional LED tennis court lights sapphire substrate to a project end. backpfrontp In 2015, Australian foreign Shunchang also made Internet + strategy, but in the first half twice suspended planned acquisitions of new energy vehicles, the Internet field, but ultimately did not succeed. Australian foreign Shunchang, said the company last year released a strategic development plan, the company has been actively exploring various ways to enter the emerging, high-growth industries,LED high bay lights to quickly cultivate new profit growth point. backp