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Aura Of Light: Three Male Aurora Lighting Into The Wuhan Academy

Mar 27, 2017

 Wuhan Engineering LED stadium lights as a design hub in the central region, with exciting design prospects, for October 23, 2015 in the afternoon, three male Aurora lighting standing Hankou, Wuhan Sheraton Wuhan Asia Standard Hotel on schedule held three male Aurora and 'id + c' together to create a lighting College invited the famous designer with their design concept came here together, to share design ideas and the latest developments in the direction of the industry and the local 500 designers,LED stadium lighting common feelings Aura Light design aesthetics to create a perception of space in the agitation of thought. The meeting was chaired backp meeting site - Wang Jun backpfrontp forum hosted by the Guangdong three male Aurora Lighting Co. Marketing Director Wang Jun, deputy general manager Mitsuo Aurora Chensong Hui delivered a speech, and easy to introduce a three-hung Aurora years of positive efforts to promote and lighting College of lighting The origin and meaning, and made a beautiful design Imagination. backp deputy general manager Mitsuo Aurora Chen true work of architectural design company chief architect in the design process Shao backpfrontp sharing sessions, architectural design company workers really drive Shao chief architect, has always respected design from the heart, he thinks the design is not mechanically and piling elements. In his shadow light Lingjing keynote, through his own analysis of the project,LED tunnel lights to continue its full interpretation of oriental design aesthetics thinking. Let participating designers feel that classical oriental cultural understanding as expressed in his designs, while another of his extremely stylish minimalist design side, the fusion of style and cultural connotations, the completion of the self-style shape. senior experts backp lighting design, lighting design backpfrontp professor at Tsinghua University Zhang Xin, a senior expert in the field, professor at Tsinghua University Zhang Xin brought his latest design trends in the field of lighting design to share the light of the significance of unfolding design. He more specifically the type of space in the museum, for example, the breakdown of the museum lighting design considerations, and tells how to create a functional and artistic museum lighting design of road space both. vice president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts backp Architecture, Professor,LED arena lights master tutor Chang Chang Zhigang Zhigang backpfrontp wisdom of life to shape the media building theme, as vice president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Architecture, Professor, master tutor, with his pole with logical thinking and speculative seek the same emotional space in the design of rational design skills. He always believed that the future of the media building will achieve real return of architectural art, he would be understood as a new media building architectural form architectural surface imaging combined with digital media, but also can be understood as the building regarded as having a scientific and technological properties art installations. He admitted that this is a trend for the future, but also a tendency for the wisdom of the city's future. LED gym lights this is full of cutting-edge technology in a keynote speech to all participating designers refreshing. backp guests dialogue Hubei Academy of Fine Arts Director Environment Institute, associate professor Zhanxu Jun backpfrontp after the full new knowledge and new insights into the design of dry sharing by the Environmental Research Institute of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts director, associate professor Zhanxu Jun dialogue session chaired end, speeches guests and Hubei Building Decoration Co., Ltd. Yi-day commercial design director Liu Yang,LED high bay lights Shenzhen Hongtao Decoration Co., Ltd. Hubei Branch Yong design director, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture Department of Architecture, Hubei University of Technology, Associate Professor Zou Yi right, CIID China Deputy Secretary-General of Institute of Interior Design 40 (Wuhan) Professional Committee forest waves, HDRI Chinese Design Institute thick joint design director Yang Kun and other guests from the integration management and collision lighting design and other designs, led gym lights to design institutions, ladies and gentlemen on the moment status of the industry and to share their experience with their own understanding of these issues. backp designer questions Wuhan station launch backpfrontp foreseeable future in lighting College this platform, three male Aurora brand design will increasingly play its cohesion, by way of open dialogue to stimulate innovation and co-designers of inspiration for people to bring perfect experience more light. backp prize - Maldives (This article is three male Aurora contribution) backp