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Asia As Microelectronics: The Lowest Cost Intelligent

Oct 13, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] A few days ago to go to town, the town is not a traffic jam. Shaanxi in the office sub-adult Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as microelectronics Asia, 430 552) the Shenzhen office, everyone joking. store rents decline, the product price transparency, market slightly depressed, some of the apparent decline in performance LED stadium light business. However, there are always companies will bucked the market trend. backpfrontp We currently maintain a monthly 30% --50% of the rate of growth, Wu Tsung two sub-adult Microelectronics Sales Director told Engineering high power LED flood light, which is mainly due to the team after the construction is completed, the team's stability so that the company's business income getting better. backpfrontp in three new board listing, the main switch dimmer IC and linear constant current IC sub into microelectronics, has been doing differentiated products, for customers to provide better value-added services. Implement intelligent lighting with the lowest cost is our pursuit. Wu Tsung representation. backpfrontp sub-adult transition from a semiconductor microelectronics, from TV set-top box, modem IC, to now 1000w LED flood light driver IC, technology is very much a part of them. Wu Tsung cited an example from the MOS transistor that is currently able to achieve greater cross-sectional area than the other counterparts, which can import a higher current, from detection data and market feedback, safety and reliability is also stronger. backpRM9292D non-isolated Buck 18W 240mA Ceiling scheme is different from the typical application diagram backpfrontp driver IC and power supply manufacturers in close cooperation, Asia began to seek a microelectronic applications direct docking terminal manufacturers. Wu Tsung told the author, the company LED bay light can direct docking with the program and lamp factory, provide almost identical case was able to achieve more cost-effectiveness of solutions for them, and then to specify the light plant power supply manufacturers to match. (This practice) can improve efficiency, reduce intermediate links, and lower costs, said Cong Wu, currently Asia into microelectronics already Philips, Osram and other international companies specially designed scheme. backpfrontp LED street lighting products more dizzying, but the next three years, the product will be the basic shape. In this process, there must be some companies exit, there are some enterprises bigger and stronger. Survive and continue to develop the business, capital and goods can not be separated. There are three new board such a good financing platform, focused on the development of business background, sub-adult Microelectronics always walk in front of the industry, there is reason for its confidence.