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Apple Holding Retina Flash Flash LED Manufacturers Welcome The Crisis?---stadium Lights

Nov 10, 2016

  Earlier Apple introduced iPhone 6s will be published in the series of mobile phones in the autumn, stadium lights although previously rumored specifications and not far, but like Apple specifically cater to the needs of the self-lovers, for the first time before the camera to increase the complement of flash light function Retina (Retina Flash ),led stadium light be different from other brands of mobile phones special technology. The interesting thing is, the flash turned out to be integrated with a display screen together. Apple FaceTime front of the camera phones Camera performance has always been far from satisfactory, the iPhone 6s series in one fell swoop the front of the camera raised to 5 million pixels,high power led flood light strictly speaking, though still not as good as other brands of mobile phones do more pixels high, Apple is still quite confident, because iPhone 6s series of more individual home Retina no flash. backpfrontp I believe many people still remember, Apple begins iPhone 5s in iSight Camera lens after use True Tone color 1000W LED flood light flash, to adjust the color temperature to improve the photo shooting. Apple now also be moved True Tone front of the camera to use the flash technology, but you certainly can not find the LED flash at the top of the screen, because Apple Retina display directly to the LED-backlit screen, as the front of the camera flash. After backp iPhone 6s lens True Tone color LED tunnel light flash backpfrontp however, the light emitted by the display backlight alone, the brightness is not enough to fill light, so Apple another using a special monitor wafer (Custom display chip), allows displays to increase flash brightness three times. When a user self-timer, the display screen will pre-flash to detect ambient light and then the flash fires for the ambient light,led bay light shoot more vivid natural color photos; even in low light environment Language, also can borrow from the front of the camera flash Retina to achieve a good shot. backp special monitor wafer (Custom display chip) up to three times the brightness of the display flash to mobile devices backpfrontp tents as fill light practice, in fact, several years ago,led street lighting someone tried to use the iPad fill light up. Now Apple phone display screen technology combined with flash, self-timer after even more convenient. backp