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[Annual] Three Male Aurora Session Title: LED Lighting Ebb Future Can Be

Feb 25, 2019

 ă€frontp [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] in the second half of this year, three male \u0026 middot; Aurora Lighting college in the country set off a wave of lighting design hot, high-profile people proclaim all LED, LED stadium lighting does not Just point lights to illuminate it. backpfrontp three male \u0026 middot; Aurora is committed to research and development, production, promotion of high-quality green energy-efficient lighting products, providing customers with a full range of lighting solutions and professional services, is one of China's comprehensive competitiveness lighting brand the most. Although the major markets in mainland China, but the products have successfully entered the Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and other overseas markets. backpfrontp with a well-known also sun lighting (600261.SH). Sun lighting from traditional energy-saving lamps transition from the current LED business has more than 70%, one of the representatives called the successful transition. LED stadium lights production and research backpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) survey data show that in 2015, China's LED lighting industry output value of 210.5 billion yuan of scale, an increase of 18.5%. Domestic LED lighting penetration improved rapidly, High power LED flood lighting companies to further accelerate the replacement. In 2015 a total of approximately 5000 lighting companies out of the market, LED lighting leading enterprises and brand early pattern. backpfrontp build semiconductor lighting era of the world's leading brand, which is mulinsen development goals. General Manager Linsen (002745.SZ) LED lighting division Lin Jiliang representation. Linsen since march LED stadium floodlighting, since 2012 (about 168 million) starting at almost double the rate in the development of triumph, in 2014 591 million yuan a year. At the same time in 2015 is the full development of the domestic and overseas markets, the domestic construction drastic channels, overseas American market, Southeast Asia, India, Central Asia and the Middle East market, African market also done ground construction work. backpfrontp October this year, Sen announced the acquisition of the development of the grain, business tentacles upstream chip, according to Wen,led tennis court lights the company also independent research and development equipment. Open up the whole industry chain of wood Linsen, from the chip to the lighting applications, from Zhongshan to the global, the global take-cherished ambition, traveling all over the world have the ability. backpfrontp sun lighting LED high bay lighting revenue growth in the first three quarters of 97%, far exceeding the industry growth rate, the company's market share in the increase. The rapid growth of LED gym lights business, so the company quickly developed a roadmap: own brand + OEM walking on two legs. backpfrontp leading established businesses as energy-saving lamps, the sun lighting on the one hand by establishing its own brand, grafting original channel and customer resources, enabling the company to customize the product to control profits and consolidate its market position. On the other hand, 2015, to the sun lighting from OSRAM, Philips and other internationally renowned lighting companies OEM upgrade to build its own brand business model. At the same time, also increased investment in the development and application of new business. backpfrontp we insist on technological change effective ideas to improve gross margins through product innovation, production processes and tooling technology innovation, materials technology innovation. Sunshine Lighting general manager of China Chen Ping Road. backpfrontp three male \u0026 middot; Aurora also from the transition from traditional lighting, has been a steady feature industry leader. Mitsuo \u0026 middot; Aurora Lin Yan, deputy general manager believes, high power LED flood lighting market will move toward change for the better. It is true that, after a fierce competition and the brutal elimination, many companies will come down to leave. Ebb Tide, left behind must be companies with high price, low quality products. backpfrontp high price, low quality is not a contradiction now LED lighting is not encountered a bottleneck how to follow the footsteps of big companies looking for better profit growth in 2015, the annual three male LED Engineering \u0026 middot;??? Here's the title of Aurora Quiet special lighting, according to the major enterprises take you to find out. backp