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[Annual] Phineas Lecture: LED Lighting Game And The Outcome Of The Last Three Years

Feb 26, 2019

   Engineering LED, LED stadium lights companies have recognized the 2015 operations and earnings LED lighting industry, with the beginning of the expected very different frontp [text / Engineering LED Zhao Hui] when. More and more companies are high power LED flood lights complain to the development of the next three years, while the industry confused. backpfrontp LED lighting next three years, Allen will go on December 11? - 2015 Engineering LED annual meeting, held on the 12th lecture site. backpfrontp LED production and research, according to the Institute of Engineering (GGII) Statistics survey data show that in 2014 China LED industry, the total size of 344.5 billion yuan, GGII 2015 this figure will reach 413.4 billion yuan. backpfrontp but at the same time, GGII forecast, in 2015 the total size of the LED industry growth is expected to slow to about 20%. backpfrontp Currently, the domestic LED lighting market has been in a phase of intense competition, especially in the areas of packaging and lighting, the gross margin has been at a low level, reflecting further reduce the profitability of the business in the fierce price war situation. backpfrontp upstream average gross margin increased slightly this year, product price decline slowed, indicating that epitaxial silicon started to enter the field of healthy competition. Chip market gradually began to clear, market share concentrated in a few large enterprises. Engineering 1000W LED flood light chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, said midstream gross margin has been declining, the average price fell to increase, indicating that the industry is very competitive. Downstream margin relatively stable, large price drop, but slightly slowed down, indicating the intense competition in the industry. Dr. Zhang Xiaofei believe that the next three years backpfrontp large enterprises to reposition themselves and do brand building, and can do a number of international and domestic foundry, to be able to strengthen the capital and mergers and acquisitions, unlisted large enterprises to accelerate the pace of listing, embrace the capital market. backpfrontp GGII survey data show that in 2014, the annual overall amount of mergers and acquisitions was 60.7 billion yuan, and this year's 1--8 months, the amount of mergers and acquisitions has reached 29.31 billion yuan of scale, mergers and acquisitions doubled the amount five times already. backpfrontp from the last year to the first half of this year, LED gym lights industry mergers and acquisitions frequently occur, the cumulative amount of the next two years will reach hundreds of billions of mergers and acquisitions, 500 million yuan more than the size of M \u0026 A cases will increase, at the same time, the merger will go international, foreign merger cases will also be simultaneously increased. Dr. Zhang Xiaofei said, through acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions before they get the dominance of technology and resources to enhance the scale of production, the share of low production costs and, secondly, if the acquisition of the sales company, to strengthen efforts to develop new markets, but also technology and fully interoperable applications Innovative technologies get greater benefits, these can be seen as a merger of the significance lies. backpfrontp For SMEs, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei think, we should do the fine products, good services to enhance value-added products. backpfrontp the next few years for the development of LED high bay lighting, general manager of Sen Lin Jiliang LED stadium floodlighting division, said the integration of raw materials, industrial chain, increase productivity, improve product quality and then, as the formation of scale, cost-effectiveness, will continue to stage lighting Linsen increase market share as a focus, increase market share, and the market have the right to speak, this will be better able to promote the healthy growth of the industry and market. General Manager backpfrontp lighting giant sun lighting in China Chen Yiping, said the next three years, the sun lighting if you want to maintain steady growth, we must first do their own lighting; the second is to do intelligent lighting, since this year we think This is the direction; and third, we regard the pursuit of quality and scene lighting light, I believe that the future of the art of living associated lighting will market, which is the next 2--3 years of development. backpfrontp future energy-saving capacity is large, T8 lamps have 4 billion worldwide. Still many opportunities, to see how to do business, we have confidence. Chen Ping emphasized. backpfrontp LED street lighting industry in the coming three years, in the end how to go? What are the opportunities? What is the problem, how to deal with? All of this will be concluded at the 2015 annual meeting of senior engineers LED. backp