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[Annual] Jing Station Shares Session Title: Cross-border Capital, Intended To Pave The Way For The Main Industry?

Apr 12, 2019

 ă€frontp [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] 2015 market conditions not as the beginning of the industry expected, although the size of the market is still maintained rapid growth, but the company's earnings performance in the doldrums, the increment does not increase profits Many companies become obvious to become the curse. LED production and research backpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) research to understand the first half of 2015, China LED stadium light package device prices of most products fell by more than 50%, LED packaging manufacturers international product prices also fell more than 20%. How backpfrontp from homogeneity, low-cost stand out of the competition, successfully find new profit growth point, it is the current and future 3 LED stadium lighting manufacturing - five years an important challenge. backpfrontp or continue to expand the scale, or capital cross-border, or identify the location specializing in market segments, is the industry's common views on the way out of the LED package. backpfrontp Hongli Opto-electronic after announcement that intends to raise 700 million yuan of funds to expand SMD LED and other construction projects. In addition to ensuring the LED package while continued healthy development of the core business, the company is also actively developing epitaxial industries, car networking, in order to establish high power LED flood light Opus Dei + Internet + car finance ecological networking platform. backpfrontp Coincidentally, the country star power last month also announced the company's two pen device purchase order, want to overweight packaging business. The company is also actively layout of the whole industry chain, by taking on the middle and lower reaches of collaborative innovation, integration of resources to achieve linkage and integration. backpfrontp choose to invest in expansion at this time is based on the actual needs of the business of sustainable development, the country star power, Deputy General Manager Liu Ai Can child told Engineering LED high bay light, this expansion will help continue to expand the production scale midstream packaging field, bigger and stronger in order to achieve the company's comprehensive strength steadily. backpfrontp In addition, the emerging industry M \u0026 A events, also reflects the industry to accelerate the integration reshuffle has become the new norm. As of October this year, M \u0026 A cases have been related to LED tennis court lights industry has undergone more than 30, involving an amount of more than 300 million. backpfrontp The industry believes that with the involvement of the capital, reinforcing the strength of many companies, will accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure and transformation, so that industry to concentrate. backpfrontp Seen in this light, the bigger the situation of the industry will continue. However, the industry believes that this does not mean that large-scale LED gym lights packaging factory certainly no worries. backpfrontp industry next step will be how to go? Are not made capital, can not survive? Who is a price war, war integration, the final winner capital war? horizontal integration and vertical integration of choice and what are the pros and cons? backpfrontp from the 2015 Engineering LED Annual Meeting less than three weeks time, the grain station shares the title of special \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; the main industry forum for cross-border capital, the country star power, deputy general manager Li Cheng, general manager Hongli Opto-electronic Lei Lining, Lumileds ( Liang Rui) Marketing Director, Asia Zhou Xuejun,  Ming Chen Kai, chairman, president Xiao Guowei Crystal Electronics and other industry heavyweights, will unveil the fog. backpfrontp in wonderful round table discussion on-site guests will have the opportunity to interact with industry heavyweights and jointly explore, more exciting content, please visit the 2015 LED Engineering Annual Conference, with major corporate leaders go into the details. backp