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[Annual] Crystal Taiwan Shares: NCSP Display Technology To Create A New Blue Ocean

Jan 22, 2019

[Engineering] frontp while LED stadium lights zhuangao [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] China LED packaging industry has developed rapidly, competition in the industry are further intensified. The first half of 2015, the domestic LED package device most products prices fell by more than 50%, LED high bay light packaging manufacturers international product prices also fell more than 20%. backpfrontp can be seen from the display device, the first half of the basic price fell by more than half, although the order has been in short supply in the state, but did not get profit increased by the same magnitude. Crystal, chairman of Taiwan shares GONG told Engineering LED gym lights. backpfrontp in the fierce market competition, cost control largely determine the company's market competitiveness. backpfrontp technical director at Crystal Taiwan shares Shaopeng Rui opinion, to reduce costs in packaging areas, the need for efforts from both the supply chain and technological innovation. First,LED airport lights in terms of control of the supply chain, forming a strategic partnership with the upstream manufacturers to reduce costs, the formation of scale; secondly, by optimizing the design of the product structure, failure to minimize costs, improve product concentration, consistency. backpfrontp now basically stabilized material costs, mainly still have to reduce costs through technological innovation, to develop a sustainable, lower failure rate of products to. Shaopeng Rui representation. backpfrontp for LED stadium floodlights display, crystal launch Taiwan shares NCSP technology industry will bring more innovation, Shaopeng Rui introduced, the technique relies on flip chip structure, the flip-chip bonding technology by eutectic soldering on the board, because of its high optical density and chip packaging and low cost per unit area, it is expected to open disruptive breakthrough in price. backpfrontp from packaging technology development, due to the price war intensified, companies have to reduce costs by reducing the size of the material, and the introduction of more cost-effective product, making the product size increasing miniaturization, although CSP is considered to be the latest generation of cost-effective products, but Currently Write a mature technology. backpfrontp NCSP can be said based on immature and transitional market demand generated by CSP technology. Shaopeng Rui representation, NCSP can not only solve the CSP is still not solve the problem, such as weldability and reliability, cost is also higher. backpfrontp for the application of the technology, Shaopeng Rui said the company has been used in small areas of the pitch, and the future will be extended to the field of lighting and backlighting for LED open up a new blue ocean! backpfrontp Annual Engineering high power LED flood light distance only 14 days time, then, Technical Director crystal Taiwan shares Shao will bring wonderful explanation, so stay tuned! backp