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[Annual] Country Star Power Session Title: Innovative Packaging Technology + Equipment All For Lighting

Jun 06, 2019

text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] from 2015 LED Engineering Congress Opening only less than three weeks time, Engineering LED man combat readiness, business people highly anticipated. According to the engineering LED annual meeting of the organizing committee, a total of six special conference, the theme of each concert is different, LED upstream fixed pattern, look for a way out, for the main industry of cross-border capital, three are for lighting special and so on. Special focus on six themes high power LED flood lighting, covering all aspects of the upstream, midstream, and materials. backpfrontp most closely associated with 1000W LED flood lighting undoubtedly package, the package and the equipment involved, phosphor and glue and other accessories. Country star power to illuminate the title are (I) special packaging technology + equipment innovation, depth of interpretation for all related issues. backpfrontp Teng Sheng industry started in the dispenser, this year launched a very competitive cutting machine (also called a dicing machine). Cutter had mainly to foreign brands, in which Japan, South Korea equipment is more prominent, accounting for about 80 percent, according to market, while domestic brands relatively few applications in this area. backpfrontp currently cutter scope has covered such as semiconductor wafers, LED chips, LED products stent, PCB, sapphire glass and other materials, precision cutting. Industrial general manager Teng Sheng Lu Ning told Engineering LED high bay lights, while Teng Sheng developed cutter on the device performance has been basically comparable to Japan and South Korea imported products, give domestic LED development provide great help. backpfrontp LED package to undertake upstream chip and downstream applications, the technology has been in progress, China has become the world's largest production base for LED packaging, domestic LED tennis court lights packaging factory can not be ignored. LED production and research backpfrontp Engineering Research (GLII) The survey data show that in 2015 China LED package device demand is expected to reach 65.7 billion yuan, up 15.7%, of which China LED packaging production value (excluding imports) is estimated to be 47.2 billion yuan , an increase of 21.7%. backpfrontp to the entire light composition ratio costs, the package costs probably account for about 50% in the next few years will increase to around 60%. Liang Rui Zhou Xuejun, director of marketing, said therefore, this part of the package can reduce costs, for the entire enterprise can reduce the cost will play a decisive role. backpfrontp order to reduce costs, enhance competitiveness, each LED gym lights package manufacturers have expansion in pursuit of scale. backpfrontp we are expansion. Ismail was Zhang Lu Hua, director of marketing told Engineering LED, production capacity has now reached 1400kk / month, compared to the beginning of production capacity has almost doubled. Expansion means that large-scale production, large and stable, with suppliers will have sufficient bargaining power, but also reduced the manufacturing costs and management costs. backpfrontp and another way to enhance competitiveness is the development of new technology, the LED stadium floodlights package device toward the light and miniaturization trend. backpfrontp shares with crystal table, for example, companies from the most versatile COB gradually developed into small COB posing no power to further development of the COB, are moving downstream versatile lighting plant simplify application process, miniaturization direction, For example, the 3014 series. In addition, the backlight PPA2835 series, but also the portrayal of the development trend of miniaturization. Crystal Electronics backpfrontp and also in a few years ago has already begun layout CSP (chip-level source) product development. It is understood that Crystal Electronics and Skyworth parties ready to form a joint laboratory, and put forward a number of joint development projects: The project involves the application of high-power LED street lights TVs, high color gamut of high-power LED solutions and the industry's push for CSP hot white chips and other products. backpfrontp new 1000W LED flood lights packaging technology for phosphor and other topics also proposed new requirements. backpfrontp have rare earth luminescent materials research division director Liu Ronghui said that the future in the lighting field, the current high luminous efficiency and color rendering properties of aluminate yellow-green phosphor, and the nitride red phosphor still have not irreplaceable, but in LED backlight field oxynitride green phosphor, and new non-nitride red phosphors will be rapid development and application. backpfrontp are for lighting, updates, technical advances all materials, is to make LED lighting better development, and LED lighting also has a new trend. backpfrontp source modular lamp technology should be the future direction of development. Shanxi Guangyu, deputy general manager Xu tone, from the perspective of industry chain, can lamp manufacturing division of labor becomes possible, so that combination can be more closely inter-industry, so simple and efficient. backpfrontp LED lights intelligent also bring new business opportunities for LED football stadium lights. Guangyu lighting + positioning itself as a part of the Internet, as the wisdom of urban construction inside a hardware and solution providers, depending on the business needs to implement in order to product quality as the core, to provide more comprehensive product solutions for our customers create higher value. backpfrontp more exciting content, please visit the 2015 Annual Engineering LED scene with major business leaders elaborate. backp