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Analysis Of Led Stadium Light,led Flood Light

Sep 22, 2016

 Zhao Hui-fly Photoelectric leading position in the field of small and medium-size backlight has begun to attract more and more impact, backlit revenues and gross profit declined in the first half of 2015 gradually I confirm this. frontpbackpfrontp August 22,stadium-lights the domestic small and medium-size backlight faucet Jufei photovoltaic (300303.SZ) disclosed the 2015 semi-annual report. Earnings data show that from January to June 2015, Jufei Optoelectronics revenue was 4.16 billion yuan, down 13.49 percent;led-stadium-light attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit reached 67.9524 million yuan, compared with last year dropped 18.77 percent. Excluding non-recurring gains and losses backpfrontp government subsidies,high-power-led-flood-light Jufei photoelectric interim net profit of only 49.1168 million yuan, a decrease of 40.94% is reached. backpfrontp As Jufei Optoelectronics mentioned in the report, although the company is the leading enterprises of small and medium size backlight, but the face of domestic and foreign competitors, 1000W-LED-flood-light if the company can not continue to improve the overall competitiveness, it may be in the fierce competition in the market adversely status. downside risks backpfrontp product price and gross margin also threatening the existing advantages Jufei photoelectric. RGB-led-flood-light backpfrontp earnings data show that mid-2015, accounting for 89% of revenue Jufei Optoelectronics LED backlight business income of 368 million yuan, down 11.07 percent. The most critical is the main industry as a backlight margin from 30.77% in the first half of last year's rapid decline to the current 26.15%.stadium-lights backpfrontp As Jufei photovoltaic industry even extending LED lighting business revenue is down 35.78%, income of only 37.5 million yuan. backpfrontp backlight competition also forced Jufei photoelectric road began to diversify. backpfrontp mid-year report,stadium-floodlights Jufei Optoelectronics said that it has begun to increase its international clients within the industry competition. At present, the backlight companies share in the international large customers in the very small, and the market far beyond the size of this part of the customer's existing markets. successful implementation backpfrontp international strategy will expand the company's new space for development, and international clients a large scale,led-tunnel-light high concentration, excellent customer texture, once established cooperative relations, fast on the amount that can significantly enhance the company's business scale and quality. Since 2013 the company began implementation of international strategy, which lasted two years, after the early tough market expansion, we have now moved into a substantive stage of cooperation. Jufei Optoelectronics side said, now South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other places known electronics companies backlight willingness to cooperate with influence within the industry initiative, which has carried out the vast majority of formal cooperation with the company or is actively promoting the process of cooperation, international of customers are starting to heavy volume. led-stadium-light. backpfrontp emerging electronic materials, including optical membrane Jufei has become an entry point for a wide range of photovoltaic. It is understood that Jufei photoelectric hand through the introduction of advanced equipment, improve product quality, build quality advantage, cost advantage; on the other hand, actively explore first-line client, led-gym-light use a good cooperative relationship with customers already established, to play close to the market advantage expand product sales volume, increasing market share. Currently has customers in line in succession imported, the number of customers continued to increase, sales increased month by month. backpfrontp test the water cross-border communications and data services are Jufei explore new business favorite. backpfrontp  Newinfo Holdings Limited signed a definitive agreement to acquire a 51% stake in LiveCom Limited, 1000W-led-flood-light currently the share transfer related work is actively advancing. backpfrontp LiveCom registered in Hong Kong, with communications services SBO operating license, mainly engaged in three categories of service: international basic network services, business consulting and IT integrated services and overseas Chinese television service. backpfrontp semi-annual disclosure two weeks ago, Jufei photoelectric received the Commission's issuance of the approval letter. tunnel-light Jufei Optoelectronics proposed issuance of not more than 600 million yuan to raise funds, and the funds raised will be used exclusively for backlighting LED product (device, light bar) expansion project, LED lighting product expansion project as well as LED technology R \u0026 D center expansion project. backpfrontp issuance in accordance with previous plans, funds raised 600 million yuan, 1000W-led-flood-light 320 million yuan for backlighting LED product expansion project, 214 million yuan for LED lighting product expansion project, 066 million yuan for the expansion of LED technology R \u0026 D center . backpfrontp Jufei Optoelectronics being embarked on the road of diversified product mix to break the single bottleneck. backp