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An Optical Three Overseas Acquisitions To Develop Optical Communications Business

Feb 15, 2017

  Sanan optical electronics stocks upward safety margin and elasticity of both offensive and defensive variety. Margin of safety from the LED stadium lights chip and improve industry concentration and gradual release of the company production capacity this year is expected to more than two billion , next year is expected to continue to grow 40%; up from its elastic compound semiconductor and LiFi business increase the amount and the CDB,led stadium lighting large funds, overseas industry Xiamen government support mergers and acquisitions. backpfrontp LED business provides adequate margin of safety. An optical three extremely competitive in the global high power LED flood light industry continued expansion, that Taiwan, the United States, Japan rivals gradually show scale, technology, cost advantages, as the biggest beneficiary of industrial concentration promotion. The LED street lighting demand in the ascendant, prices continued to drive penetration increase. Saman 32 new MOVCD gradually put into operation, will promote the second half of the revenue growth quarter by quarter, a conservative calculation of annual revenue growth is expected to reach 2 billion. The remaining 68 sets of MOCVD will be commissioned in 2016, we hope to promote the 16-year earnings growth of 40%. The latest announcement 126 million acquisition of Air Products and Chemicals (AP) (Wuhu) 100% equity and Air Products and Chemicals (Shanghai), 11 ISO containers,LED tunnel light to further strengthen the capacity of upstream raw materials. Students within backpfrontp epitaxial semiconductor, recreating a three-safety. Sanan will gallium arsenide and gallium nitride III-V semiconductors as the core to create the integrated circuit industry, the issuance of the proposed annual plan and an annual output of 300,000 GaAs 60,000 GaN6 inch production line. Currently Sanan 5000 / month GaAs first phase has already begun trial production,led arena lights mass production is expected in the next year, GaN production line equipment also gradually put in place. Future strong demand military, networking, 5G communications and other compound semiconductor RF power chips, will once again ignite the outbreak of the compound semiconductor market after 4G. Through large fund invested 4.84 billion shares and $ 2.5 billion joint venture with Sanan III \u0026 mdash; V compound IC Development Special Fund, CDB 20 billion yuan low-interest loans,LED gym lights the three security in the hands of the group will have 40 billion yuan of funds available through overseas mergers and acquisitions to become a leading compound semiconductor deserve special look. The latest announcement CDB 140 million low-interest loan interest rate of 1.2% has been lent by Sanan three Security Group, plus had a lot of military, automotive business orders and subsidy payments, the dividend has gradually reflected in national policy. backpfrontp optical communication is another great potential growth. In addition to the LED tennis court lights and compound semiconductors, optical communications optoelectronic chip is the company's further growth point in 2016 is expected to start contributing hundreds of millions of revenue. Saman July with the Shanghai Aerospace Electronics Communication Equipment Research Institute announced the joint development and promotion of indoor and outdoor LED high bay lights applications Communication various integrated circuits (LiFi) products, vehicle networking systems products, photoelectric intelligent monitoring products in the field of optical communication Mai a solid step forward. backp