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An Optical Three First Three Quarters Of Revenue Growth Slowing Faster Semiconductor Transition

Apr 12, 2017

 LED stadium lights market impact of slowing demand growing proliferation, even as domestic LED epitaxial chip leader Sanan Optoelectronics spared. This revenue growth from three safety photoelectric three quarterly That clearly visible. backpfrontp October 17 evening, three optical (600703.SH) disclosed the 2015 third quarter report. Reported a third quarter operating income of three optical achieved 1.311 billion yuan, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 543 million yuan. High power led flood light 2015 January-September three optical total revenues 3.602 billion yuan, representing a slight increase of only 3.55%; to achieve net profit attributable to equity shareholders of 1.447 billion yuan, an increase of 37.82%. backpfrontp report shows that the three safety photoelectric raise investment projects in Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd purchased 40 sets of MOCVD equipment has come to the chamber ((converted to 2 inches 54 machine, equivalent to 80 units). However, the actual contribution in the third quarter effective capacity equipment about four chambers. Sanan Optoelectronics side said that with the commissioning surplus equipment capacity gradually accelerate, will be released in the future, and reflect the operational effectiveness .1000W LED flood light business with the rapid development of technology, the cost of the rapid decline in the development stage , significantly faster industry consolidation, concentration will be further enhanced. Turning to the current development status of the LED, the three safety photoelectric's recent plan to achieve the goal, to achieve the company's strategic layout, the company will take the initiative to adjust the policy for the subsequent rapid development of solid Automotive led street Lighting as a basis .backpfrontp high margin market segments, the same occupies an important position in the three security services .backpfrontp layout in three quarterly disclosure in the day, three optical announced that the board of directors by the company, decided to its own currency 180 million yuan of funds on a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuhu Anrui Optical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Wuhu Anrui) capital increase, after the capital increase Wuhu Anrui registered capital of 260 million yuan .LED high bay light Previously, Wuhu Anrui on July 17 and Beiqi silver Xiang Automobile Co., Ltd. (BAIC Silver Cheung) signed a 'framework agreement' .backpfrontp agreement: Wuhu Anrui set up branches in Chongqing Beiqi Silver Cheung were supporting services, production of automotive lighting and automotive applications, LED tunnel lights products (including automotive lighting, lights, interior lights, decorative lights, electronic instrumentation applications, GPS / DVD display, etc.), Wuhu Anrui Beiqi YINXIANG the supply of two or more projects subject to supplier facilities, (Anrui photoelectric guarantee under the premise of quality, delivery and price), Beiqi Silver Cheung commitment Wuhu Anrui matching share of not less than 70% .backpfrontp reported, Wuhu Anrui engaged in a variety of applications business has been auto manufacturers certification,LED arena lights has gradually begun to supply some models, the first half of 2015, sales revenue of photoelectric Anrui 101 million yuan and net profit of 10.9058 million yuan .backpfrontp accelerating expansion epitaxial silicon production capacity, to enter the high-margin market segments at the same time, the three An optoelectronic semiconductor transition did not stop the pace .backpfrontp It is understood that the three safety optoelectronics company Xiamen Sanan IC Co., Ltd. is expected to send samples to the customer verification in November,RGB led flood light the latter will gradually release capacity .backpfrontp Merchants Securities researcher Yan Fan We believe Sanan will gallium arsenide and gallium nitride III-V semiconductor integrated circuit industry as the core to create, additional plans proposed annual output of 300,000 and an annual output of 60,000 GaAs GaN6 inch production line is currently Sanan 5000 / month GaAs one has already begun trial production, is expected next year in the amount of production,LED tennis court lights GaN production line equipment is also in place gradually .backp