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American Design Zero Refractive Index Can Be Integrated On The Chip Metamaterials

Mar 05, 2019

frontp recently, Harvard University scientists have devised a refractive index of zero for the first time,LED stadium lights it can be integrated on the chip metamaterials, in which the speed of light can reach infinity. This achievement is the refractive index of zero explore physics and its application in integrated optics opens the door. backpfrontp This zero refractive index material by a gold-coated silicon pillar array embedded in a polymer matrix array configuration, no phase advance,High power led flood light will produce stationary phase, the wavelength can be considered infinite. backpfrontp It sounds like a violation of the law of relativity, but in fact did not. Nothing in the universe can run faster than light faster, but there is another light speed, that speed peaks movement, called phase velocity, the speed of light depends on the speed of light through the material. For example,LED high bay lights when light passes through the water, the phase speed will be squeezed because the wavelength becomes smaller, after entering the water, the phase velocity will be larger, because the wavelength is stretched. In the medium with a refractive index of light waves slow down the crest to represent the speed, the higher the refractive index, LED gym lights the greater the interference of light diffraction, water, refractive index of about 1.3. backpfrontp in zero refractive index material, there are no peaks and valleys of the phase advance, which means that light behaved not as a sport wave, but a stationary phase, all the peaks and valleys lined infinitely long wavelengths. Peaks and troughs only as a variable on a time,1000W LED flood lights rather than space. backpfrontp light is difficult to be squeezed or manipulated, and this unified phase so that light can become stretched, squeezed or twisted without loss of energy. To integrate zero refractive index material to the chip, it is expected to bring a bright prospect, especially in the field of quantum computing. backpfrontp According to physicist organization network reported zero refractive index metamaterials by gold-coated silicon pillar array embedded in a polymeric matrix structure, capable of integration with the standard silicon photonic waveguide devices, chip interface coupled together,LED street lights so that people can chip in different between manipulate light, squeeze, twist the light, even the beam diameter can be reduced to the nanoscale. The school John \u0026 middot; Poulsen, professor of physics and applied physics of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) Eric \u0026 middot; Masur said,LED tennis court lights this is a great new light control method. On this chip metamaterial for exploring zero refractive physics and its application in integrated optics opens the door. backpfrontp first author, postdoctoral researcher Li Yang Mazur team (phonetic) said that, in general, the silicon waveguide, energy constraints weak and ineffective, is integrated photonic circuits a major obstacle, such as a zero index material in different waveguide structure constraints electromagnetic energy provides a solution. backpfrontp related papers published in; 'Nature \u0026 mdash Photonics' magazine. backp