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Although The Resumption Of NVC-day Low Volatility Plummeted 35%

Apr 05, 2017

 Ignited after the storm over the past year NVC, the company shares resume trading yesterday finally up. Not surprisingly, LED stadium lights the share price in one day then fallen by nearly 35%. backpfrontp 2014 August NVC founder Wu Changjiang and BDO Runda and NVC chairman Wang Dong-lei outbreak of a market shock infighting. In this process, Wang Dong-lei party accused Wu Changjiang violation be guaranteed and may make NVC suffered huge losses of 173 million yuan. 2014. 8 11, high power led flood light NVC began suspended before the suspension on August 8 Daily HK $ 1.77, the stop is more than a year. backpfrontp 2014 annual report, NVC annual revenue 3.471 billion yuan, down from 3.774 billion yuan last year, while net profit directly from the 282 million yuan last year's profit into a loss of 328 million yuan, and this is mine Guests lighting since May 2010 since the Hong Kong stock market, 1000W LED flood light the first annual performance loss occurs. The company said in its annual report, part of a subsidiary to suspend business for reasons Wu Changjiang more than two months, leaving the damaged business performance, and Wu Changjiang pledge and guarantee behavior led the company to record a loss.  2015 first half, the situation appears to have changed. Semi-annual report, first-half revenues 1.772 billion yuan, basically flat with last year; and have the parent should account for 17.07 million yuan profit, compared to 58.04 million yuan a year earlier, there has been a substantial decline.LED tunnel lights The company said that after the storm, by adjusting the development strategy, the company implemented a series of measures to consolidate the status of the industry, including for the domestic sales of refined organizational structure, the establishment of the electricity supplier and O2O, set up a subsidiary company's main business of home fixtures for Overseas markets enhance the operational capacity of the Channel. backpfrontp October 23, LED arena light NVC release resumption notice. He announced that the company has set aside 285 million yuan provision for funds in 2014 annual report, but the potential loss is still faced: one if you can not withdraw any money from Wu Changjiang place, the company will have 266 million yuan of losses; Second If you build a claim in favor of the line, LED high bay lights we will have to bear the loss of about 60 million yuan and interest. backpfrontp October 26, the company stock to resume trading, low volatility throughout the day, closing down 34.66 percent, all-day turnover of more than HK $ 200 million, while the previous single-day turnover of more than HK $ million level. Some investors said that it has not asked the price estimate Qing (sold out). backp