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After Infighting Blame NVC Resumption Investors Were Snubbed

Jul 31, 2017

 compete for control of the storm due to suspension for up to 14 months of NVC recent resumption, investors suffered after the resumption unfortunately sold out. Although the end of the storm on the inner surface of the bucket, but many problems unresolved,LED stadium lights Wu Changjiang alleged deficit of public funds can be recovered, three times expelled Wu Changjiang own army will return regeneration storm, new business transition is smooth, the entire lighting industry development variables, etc., will become affect NVC unknowns. Researchers in Hong Kong, a private institution of this interpretation investor concerns. Investors were snubbed LED stadium lighting said researchers observed that, since the resumption of trading, institutional investors began to emerge from round sold out. backpfrontp As of November 4 closing stock from October 26 re-set the day's highest price of HK $ 1.26 to HK $ 0.99 down. backpfrontp investors are not optimistic about the prospects of NVC was trading for more than a year of time, but there are a lot of problems. The researchers propose. backpfrontp suspended since early August last year, so far, has gone through numerous NVC storm, high power led flood light founder and chairman Wu Changjiang was dismissed after the alleged misappropriation of funds by investigation, has been behind bars bleak out of Wu Changjiang, NVC by the subsequent incoming persons BDO Runda and NVC chairman Wang Dong-lei overall power. NVC backpfrontp Wang Dong Lei in power under the aspect of active management infighting after the repair work, on the one hand actively seek resumption. When earlier NVC deadline to respond to the resumption of the work of foreign repeatedly said, from the fight in April of this year, the third quarter of this year. Eventually delayed until the end of October before the official resumption of trading. 1000W LED flood light reporter called NVC Investor Relations, one pointed out that before the resumption of the need to complete a number of complex investigations, including internal and the external Independent Inquiry Committee investigation, audit materials, which require time-consuming work. backpfrontp released before resumption announcement, NVC announced that all the Resumption Conditions have been fulfilled,LED tennis court lights including handling violations, informed of all relevant information to the market, the development of appropriate financial reporting process and internal control system. the impact on the company's backpfrontp Wu continues today. NVC a management source told reporters, a very important part of preparation is the resumption disassociate themselves with Wu by \u0026 lsquo; to Wu of \u0026 rsquo; the maximum extent possible to protect the company's credit. backpfrontp July this year, the former chairman of NVC Wu Changjiang release alleged misappropriation of company funds,LED high bay lights without authorization on behalf of the findings of the company secured loans, showing Wu Changjiang in the past on behalf of the Company entered into 14 parts of the pledge agreement, the total amount of loans of about 640 million yuan and extracted 550 million yuan. Resumption Conditions backpfrontp NVC Foreign mentioned that Wu Changjiang, had pledged to deal with third-party entered into a security agreement, the freezing of funds and the withdrawal of the license agreement are required to be classified as non-compliance, and claim to have been dismissed Wu Yangtze and his wife a variety of positions,LED gym lights the company is no longer responsible for this and Wu of legal proceedings. backpfrontp the management pointed out that Wu Changjiang potential credit risk capital operation had involved might bring to the NVC, including in 2014 the company has pledged to 14 parts and 285 million yuan provision for a security agreement provisions, and can not Wu Changjiang recovered from third parties at any payment, there will be about 266 million yuan of losses, in addition to the bank if the claim is successful, will have to bear the loss of about 60 million yuan and interest. However, earlier this year, NVC vice president and chief financial officer told shareholders that talk eagle, the company will through judicial means,LED tennis court lights to recover the resulting loss of more than 600 million yuan, most of them believe that loss can be recover back. backpfrontp These are for the resumption of NVC failed to get investors recognized foreshadowed. backpfrontp In addition, several institutional investors who interviewed for the helm Wang Dong-lei expression holdings NVC determination but has no action expressed doubts that it is unwilling to increase the confidence of investors NVC performance. backpfrontp in NVC suspended business consolidation period, Wang Dong Lei told the media that NVC internal friction has passed, and now the situation is completely stable, and therefore affirmed the intention to continue to overweight NVC NVC and privatization, from the White Ray Guests of the day, we hope that more overweight NVC shares. backpfrontp NVC insiders with a large capital investment institutions related cooperation pointed out that after resumption of trading the share price lower NVC is expected to remain more time to carry out periodic adjustments, BDO Runda and between NVC integrated with each other is not the right time. BDO Runda end of last year had planned to sell all operating assets and liabilities associated with the LED lighting business to NVC, NVC will be paid entirely in cash consideration. But BDO Runda terminate this integration in November, has not yet been put on the agenda. backp