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After 4 LED Lights Or Can Be Used For Communications

May 07, 2015

China LED the fastest growth market

At the meeting, OSRAM lighting limited analysis of the Semiconductor Division, senior technical manager Chen Wen Cheng said, thanks to the LED costs come down far faster than other light sources, LED market penetration is rapidly improving. "By 2020, LED the market penetration rate is expected to reach 70%, the Chinese mainland and Taiwan is the fastest growth markets. ”

LED traffic is expected after 4 years application

"Light is the signal modulation to LE d light transmission on wireless communication technologies in a new light. "Dr Luo Jianghua said. In his view, LED not only to the application in the lighting field, but also through integration in areas such as communication industry and the Internet of things.

Visible light communications technology (VLC) is refers to using visible band of light as information carrier, not using fiber, wired channel of transmission media, and in air in the directly transmission light signal of communications way, in short distance communications in the has security performance high, and energy, and application range wide, advantage, bandwidth more is w IFI of 10,000 times times, 4G of 100 times times, as achieved theory speed, download one 1G of movie even only needs 0.1 seconds.