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Advantages Of Constant Current/voltage Drivers

Nov 10, 2020

Advantages of constant current/voltage drivers

Constant voltage drivers are designed to operate with LED module requiring a fixed voltage(ac to dc power supply), typically 12 or 24V DC, while constant current power supply varies the voltage across an electronic circuit allowing the device to maintain a constant electric current. When you’re building your own fixture or working with our high powered LEDs, it is of your best interest to use constant current drivers because:

1. They avoid violating the maximum current specified for the LEDs, therefore avoiding burnout/thermal runaway.

2. They are easier for designers to control applications, and help create a light with more consistent brightness.

3. Less light decay due to more stable and reliable output current for driving LEDs, as a result, it is able to have longer lifespan than the constant current led driver.

Advantage of using a constant voltage LED driver

You use a constant voltage LED driver only when using an LED or array that has been specified to take a certain voltage. This is helpful as:

Constant voltage is a much more familiar technology for the design and installation engineers.

The cost of these systems can be lower, especially in larger scale applications.

Both constant current and constant voltage LED drivers have their own distinct advantages and situations in which they are the superior option. Though less commonly used than their counterpart, constant voltage LED drivers are usually more efficient with extremely large and/or multi-component signage.