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Cheung Mei Yanji Then Sell Assets To Avoid Re-open Phi Star Wearing A Hat Asset Sale Mode

Dec 21, 2018

   The first three quarters of this year,  Cheung (600868) loss of 4.4702 million yuan, Phi star wearing a hat pressures hit again. Yesterday, Meiyan Ji Xiang announcement said, intends to 79.8 million yuan transfer subsidiary.OAK LED stadium lights Popular Securities News and financial information network reporter noted that for a long time, poor  Cheung's main business, many times by selling assets to survive. For companies frequently conduct sale of assets, some investors feeling:?? How many companies have no assets to sell sell sell how to do twice a week LED flood lights transfer assets backpfrontp trading scheme shows that this Cheung plans to sell the whole owned subsidiary Meixian Meiyan Spirulina farming Limited 100% equity, the transaction price of 79.8 million yuan. Statistics show that the target company mainly engaged in farming spirulina,High power led flood light fish, growing vegetables, trees, and other services, 2014 and October 2015, respectively, net profit of 7,402,600 yuan, 7.587 million yuan. Transferee Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Guangdong passenger. For purposes of transfer,  Cheung said the transaction will help revitalize the company's assets, to further concentrate the main business, and the transaction is expected to generate revenue of about 35 million yuan, have a positive impact on the company's financial situation. backpfrontp such transfer is within Cheung second week of the transfer plan. According to the company Nov. 20 announcement, stone mill equipment and related land transfer Cheung intends owned subsidiary of Guangdong Xianglong Technology Co., Ltd. belongs to Meixian Suifeng grain purchasing and storage Limited, the total price of 21.33 million yuan trading .LED stadium flood lights Cheung said: transaction does not affect the daily production operations subsidiaries to help revitalize the assets of subsidiaries. Attributable to the transaction is expected to generate earnings in listed companies 400 million yuan, have a positive impact on the company's financial situation. Cheung asset transfer backpfrontp year plan include: June 30 the company said in a statement, has an area of about 40,000 square meters of commercial and residential land transfer to Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Guangdong-off, the total transaction price of 2505.6 million, high power led stadium lights will receive 18 million yuan gains. September 29,  Cheung announced that the company will hold 42% stake in gold as copper, Ltd. Meixian total equity transfer to Guangdong Jia Yuan Technology Co., Ltd., equity transfer price amounted to 73.584 million yuan. backpfrontp how many assets can be sold? backpfrontp reporter noted that Cheung Mei Yanji frequent transfer of assets behind, the company will face pressure Phi star wearing a hat. Financial data, loss of 4.4702 million yuan first three quarters of this year, while last year the company had a loss of 54.5282 million yuan. This means that if Xiang before the end of the year can not be losses, the company will be disclosed after the 2015 Annual facing Phi star wearing a hat fate. backpfrontp worth mentioning is that in the history of the development Cheung, by sale of assets to avoid the suspension of listing is not the first time. In 2006,LED tennis court lights the huge loss of 756 million yuan Cheung, 2007 loss of 165 million yuan. In 2008, Xiang sale of its three subsidiaries to achieve a turnaround, finally realized a net profit of 1.9 billion yuan. backpfrontp frequently sell assets for the company's behavior, some investors questioned:? first sale stone mill, is now selling the farm, the next three new board listed shares of the subsidiary company not to have to sell it, how many assets can be sold sell? how do no sell? backpfrontp with investor questions, the reporter yesterday called Cheung Securities Department, LED stadium lights after the staff to answer, first verify the identity of reporters followed a noisy phone line, and then disconnected. Reporter several attempts, finally becomes no one answered the phone directly. backpfrontp According to the company in 2015 semi-annual report, in addition to Meixian Meiyan Spirulina farming Limited, the company also owns the Meixian Long Hydropower Co., Fengshun Mei Feng Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., eight subsidiaries, but the company has not released details a subsidiary of the circumstances of each financial data. backpfrontp total executive compensation exceeds ten million backpfrontp Despite the poor performance of the company, but company executives still enjoy higher salaries. According to the company annual report last year, the number of company executives team up to 24 people, a total of 11.0387 million yuan compensation. More than 500,000 yuan annual salary of executives up to 12 people. stadium lights The highest-paid general manager of Yang Qin Huan, its remuneration amounted to 1.248 million yuan last year, an increase of 17,400 yuan over 2013. backpfrontp worth mentioning is that this year, the largest shareholder Mei Xiang has happened six times in a row change until certified gold after the company became the largest shareholder, the company's largest shareholder was no further change. However, the proportion of high-margin company ownership is not, as of September 30 this year, the company holds Mei margin Cheung 736.02 million shares, the proportion of the total share capital of only 0.39%. When backpfrontp Previously, Mei secretaries Husu Ping Cheung told reporters that major shareholders change has no impact on the company's normal operations, the company's decision-making is constrained by the system. However, insiders believe that, although dispersed ownership in favor of democratic decision-making, but will reduce efficiency. Some major strategic companies, such as restructuring, in the absence of a strong controlling shareholder, opinions difficult to unity, resulting in failure. Its representation. backp