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Liard 100% Stake In The Company Completed The Acquisition Of PLANAR Delivery

Dec 19, 2018

[Engineering] LED airport light zhuangao frontp November 30, Liard (300296) announced that the August 13, 2015 Liard and Planar Systems, Inc signed the 'merger agreement', the United States agreed to the company through Riyadh a wholly owned subsidiary in the US state of Oregon new for this major asset purchases and PLANAR purposes in accordance with relevant US law firm merger,LED stadium lights in accordance with the 'Merger Agreement' agreement signed by the terms and conditions to be paid in cash PLANAR company to acquire all the issued and outstanding common shares (and no longer be automatically logged out existence), that the effective date of the transaction, Oregon reverse PLANAR company incorporated and independent corporate existence terminated,high power led flood light PLANAR company after the merger as the surviving corporation and becoming a wholly owned Liard US subsidiary continues to exist. backpfrontp After the completion of the merger, PLANAR company's common stock from the NASDAQ delisting and deregistration will be based on 'the US Securities Exchange Act.' backpfrontp on this transaction, each common share price of $ 6.58 PLANAR company, estimated purchase price of approximately $ 156.8 million,stadium floodlights the company will raise funds and Liard US dollars in cash to be paid according to the law all the acquisition price. 2015, 1999 (US time on November 27, 2015), said the company has completed the merger closing, and the record in the Oregon Secretary of State at the date of the merger came into effect, PLANAR company as the surviving corporation has on the same day to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US company Liard, and the date of cancellation of registration was completed Oregon. Currently the follow-up measures are in accordance with the merger transaction 'merger agreement' have undertaken to implement the agreement. backpfrontp Liard Founded in 1995, redefined the global pattern of LED industry. It created a small pitch LED TV in technical ability, size and market share have reached the world first. Small pitch LED display LED street light dot pitch refers to the following LED display P2.5, compared to traditional LED stadium lights display resolution is increased dramatically. backpfrontp data show that Riyadh has acquired Internet Yida, Jinda lighting, Li Feng culture, Jin Xiang and goods can photoelectric total five domestic companies. In the international market, the company has signed an agreement to acquire 100% stake in the US NASDAQ listed company PLANAR, while India spent 121 million yuan stake in LED display manufacturer MIC. backp