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A Wave MOSO Multi-field Development----OAK LED Flood Light

Sep 24, 2016

 In the Chinese economic slowdown in the background, LED industry channel war, price war, war products, brand war intensified, the first half of 2015 ,stadium-lights surging wave of industry mergers and acquisitions. backpfrontp order to cope with the fierce competition in the macroeconomic environment change and external markets, MOSO on the basis of the existing power supply business, actively expand FPC and photovoltaic power generation business, increasing the company's main business lines,led-stadium-light in order to enhance the company's core competitiveness. backpfrontp 2015 April MOSO completed the acquisition of Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. stake in Hunan Province, it is understood,stadium-floodlights Founder of the energy-saving LED lighting applications share FPC sub-sectors leading MOSO Qinzhuan Jun, chairman of the new energy introduction, the present The acquisition will be the company's asset quality, business scale and profitability continued to achieve more substantial upgrade.high-power-led-flood-light backpfrontp 2015 May, the company intends to disclose non-public offering of shares 10,500 shares, raising funds 856,800,000 yuan, investment for photovoltaic power generation projects, and further improve the company's anti-risk capability and capacity for sustainable development. backpfrontp Then, in July 2015, MOSO keep up the pace, the pace of innovation comprehensively promote Internet + charging industry. Investment in new energy industry,gym-lights new recruits charge - Poly Power Network Technology Co., Ltd., to promote MOSO in the new energy development of the Internet, use the Internet and big data to provide users with better services play an important role, but also will boost business The upgrade and steady growth.tennis-court-light backpfrontp The company has products covering switching power supply, LED indoor / outdoor lighting product-driven, photovoltaic inverter, high-power UPS,led-arena-light power inverter power and new energy vehicle smart charging pile, charging pile network, a variety of flexible circuit boards and other fields. backpfrontp report first-half results from MOSO disclosures show,1000W-led-flood-light the first half of 2015 total revenue of 325.442 million yuan. backpfrontp Qinzhuan Jun said that the future will continue to consolidate the company's main business,RGB-led-flood-light and actively explore new business areas, adhere to quality and innovation, and expand market share, continued to improve the company's profitability. backpfrontp therefore MOSO addition to the existing business, but also the new photovoltaic and FPC business,led-bay-light the company has long been committed SPS switching power supply, LED driver power supply, research and development of photovoltaic inverters and other products, production and sales, is the world's leading power solution provider and the power industry well-known enterprises. Qinzhuan Jun representation. backpfrontp Qinzhuan Jun introduced, based on accumulated especially in the field of photovoltaic inverters, etc., as well as new energy industry a favorable policy environment and market prospects, the company will be the new energy industry,China-led-light especially the photovoltaic industry as a business development company's strategic direction in all kinds of power products . In the first half, the company Haining City, Zhejiang Province photovoltaic power generation project has been fully operational.