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A 'jade Belt' With Six Countries In Northeast Shanghai Think Yao

Jan 09, 2017

 Recently, renowned Northeast best high-speed rail high-Ji-Tu Hui Railway opened a new business,led stadium lights attracted many visitors come to experience. From the car through the King, the man in the picture middle. Kyrgyzstan passing Hunchun railway passenger line along the North Pearl Songhua, Kanto First Hill Changbai Mountain, Kanto Rafah Hill Church Hill, Jiaohe Red Valley and other famous scenic spots,stadium lighting there is rime, autumn leaves, in a single glance the three other unique landscape, beautiful scenery along the way, pleasant scenery, known as the Northeast's most beautiful high-speed rail. backpbackpfrontp Ji-Tu Hui high-speed rail station from Hunchun in Jilin station finally,high power led flood light way Jiaohe West Point, Tiger Lingbei Station, Dunhua station, large stones South Station, Antu station, extension of gemcitabine station, Tumen North Station, the total length of 359 km, bridge and tunnel more than 66%, and sometimes in the mountains in the shuttle train, sometimes gallop on the river bridge, the same journey not the same feeling. Construction along the site of the construction according to the local folk customs,1000W led flood light and the local architectural style of the same strain, each site will be to maximize the energy saving, the site of the screen are based on energy-efficient LED display high-speed rail from Shanghai to think twice, whether it is passing visitors or residents on the construction site and the site diagram Hui high-speed rail have never praise. East,North Korea Rajin port,led tunnel light Busan Port and other nearby; west, with long Kyrgyzstan high-speed rail, Changbai rail links, like a jade belt will connect six countries in Northeast Asia. backpbackpfrontp Ji-Tu Hui high-speed rail operators, will bring new development opportunities along the railway. Only connection Jilin and Yanji, Hunchun, more outward connection Changchun, Harbin, Shenyang, Beijing, dense weave throughout the Northeast high-speed rail network, will drive the comprehensive development of railway tourism, led high bay light agricultural, food and other aspects of, and even development of the entire Northeast region are of great significance. backpbackpfrontp Kyrgyzstan Hun official opening and operation of high-speed rail, universal harbor from Zarubino to Hunchun,led arena light to Changchun, and then go to Russia, Europe and other places, is expected to form a Silk Road passage. This Heilongjiang Suifenhe to Manzhouli ready to build a channel for Liaoning Dandong to Shenyang, Fuxin Mongolia and then channel, will complement each other, communicate with each other, and jointly promote the development off the northeastern region.led tennis court lights is known not only because of the Northeast's most beautiful high-speed rail line surrounding the beautiful natural scenery, but also because of the important role it will play in the Northeast development, both appearance and content, the best known deserved. (This article is Shanghai think Contributor) backp