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VLC Is Expected To Revive The Plant Can Be Used For Condition Monitoring

Jun 12, 2017

  frontp show visible light communication technologies in Japan recently visible light communication International Conference and Exhibition 2015,LED stadium lights held on October 26 in Japan, Keio University Hiyoshi campus. This is the world's first organized in visible light communication theme of the International Conference and Exhibition. The main exhibition describes (1) the smart phone camera is used as a receiver Digital Signage (digital signage) and (2) the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and other high-performance cameras to identify uses, technology development and other progress. LED stadium lighting visible light communications concern 10 years ago, but then did not appear application examples. But Japan VLC Association, Professor Emeritus Japanese Keio University Masao Nakagawa said the recent two years, the visible light communication attention once again, began some practical examples. Equipped with cameras, software and wireless communication these three elements smartphones gain popularity is the primary cause. In fact, in (1) digital signage uses, there are several practical examples. On display at the exhibition backpfrontp Tokyo International Exhibition venue decided to introduce in the spring of 2016, Panasonic developed light ID service solutions, and Fujitsu development has reached the practical level (within the year 2015 began verification experiment) physical and information connectivity high power LED flood light technology. Because visible light communication may send ID and URL, and therefore, by allowing smartphone cameras in all kinds of advertising (posters), you can use AR (Augmented Reality) technology to provide multilingual information, visible light communication can also be used in text messages Accessibility and voice message switching between displays. Thus, for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the demand is expected to expand the visible light communication. backpfrontp Panasonic's optical ID service solutions. According to 10kHz flashing, interval tenths read 32 or 120 data. Use the smart phone camera (photosensitive member) by the horizontal reading characteristics of the image, the difference in an image showing light and shade by reading the time to read the flashing 1000W LED flood light source. Commercially available HD level sensor can be used. backpfrontp Fujitsu physical and information connectivity LED lighting technology is being taken to the kind of light you can read the ID information technology. Irradiation of light (light source located in the lower right corner of FIG.) Color pattern in the time direction are assigned binary information. The technology features a strong anti-noise, even at less than 10Hz low frequency, not easily visually identified. This technology has been in Japanet Takata online shopping dedicated channel, for television images to achieve practical for LED tunnel light applications. The technology needs to be able to change the color of RGB full color lighting device, the goal is to for the illumination device has a stage lighting and architectural lighting, etc. to achieve practical use. state backpfrontp be used to monitor the plant backpfrontp Nakagawa pointed out that through the common use of the camera as a receiver, you can get additional information about the location information and the individual identification of a space at the same time, this is one of the reasons the communication concern visible. If you are using surveillance cameras like fixed camera, you can confirm the location of an object by the image itself, the information was confirmed by visible light communication objects. Even if the object is moving, and often overlapping two moving objects, also can be identified, not as disturbed as the wave. In the segment, NTT Communications Institute introduced the scientific basis for the use of visible light communication management user heart rate at the gym and nursery and other methods. LED arena light source with users who send heart rate information, the use of fixed camera to confirm. Users do not have to specify their position in detail, monitor side on a one-time master of each user's location and heart rate. backpfrontp Nakagawa example, visible light communication can be used for unmanned aircraft license, simply install the LED high bay lights on the aircraft, monitor side in shadow while monitoring machine management. Such applications issues facing is how to keep up with the moving light source (sender) speed. Exhibition, NEC Engineering Company demonstrated a mobile speed of 50cm / sec about four light sources to be monitored receives visible light communication speed camera. The company cross 640 pixels \u0026 times; 100 vertical pixels, 1500 / sec camera head is equipped with speed 750bps of parallel processing hardware, almost without interruption shows the ID and accompanying information in real time. Casio Computer will use the company developed using three colors of visible light communication technology picalico drones were monitoring the demonstration. This demo uses a combination of 60 frames / sec camera and the computer, when the aircraft suddenly move, it appeared in the case ID display interruption. In addition, Casio Computer also shows the use of visible light communications device status indicator in manufacturing technology, specifically, without laying the network, as long as the usual indicator lights into visible light communication support, LED tennis court lights can use cameras to get including error ID, including information, so you can monitor the status of the plant inside. VLC backpfrontp NEC projects receiving high-speed camera (top left). Demonstration, read the information (below) a total of four light sources (top right) of the metronome at the top and on the turntable. A light source 1000 can fetch data. backpfrontp Casio Computer presentations using visible light communication technology picalico drones monitoring. He received the two aircraft ID. If the still point, it can support up to 50 points. backpfrontp advantage of the location and status can grasp this point, you can use picalico technology management equipment in the factory. You can grasp the situation through the screen, the status of each machine every once in a while recording. It does not require the laying of LAN, so in need of special frequent changes in the layout of the place is very useful. By changing the properties of the camera, including resolution, telephoto, wide-angle, etc., can support a variety of monitoring range. backpfrontp Nakagawa introduced, said in the past in terms of visible light communication, studies using high frame rate, high-performance camera is very large, recent studies focus on the use of (smart phones equipped) 30 frames / sec and other general camera can transmit much information on the amount. Research will unrelated communication engineering project together with the image can be developed to what extent, for the future development of the visible light communication is an important factor. (Zebian: Flora) backpfrontp addition, as the possibility of visible LED gym lights communication, and also suggested that the program be used as a textbook. Okayama Prefectural University Faculty of Design Associate Professor Yumiko children Jade devised no temperature display, through visible light communication sparkling thermometer shows the temperature of the light emitting design kit on your smartphone and National Yunlin University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, which was the product design lecture. The above is right in the kit, the Gadget Renesas GR-KURUMI board combination with a thermometer, Casio Computer's picalico and battery. At left is one of the works of My Heart 28 ℃. Looks like a wedding ring thermometer utilizes flashing light visible communication features. Children Yu explained that it is characterized by the use of a visible light communication is communication that can be seen. Students can receive personal sense of presence communication. backp