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8-Pin SOP Billion Light-speed Logic Gate Optocouplers For Industrial Applications---led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 14, 2016

frontp15Mbps, 3.3V and 5V and applicable, high CMR, can withstand high isolation voltage backpfrontp new Taipei woods (2015.09.14) \u0026 ndash; the world's leading manufacturer of LED optoelectronics industry, Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. [TSE: 2393] Introduces New 15MBit / s single-channel mining SOP package, high-speed logic gate optocoupler, transmitter and CMOS IC combination of sensing by the infrared,stadium lights because rare speed advantage, especially for industrial interface signal transmission applications. backpfrontp EL071L series 8-pin SOP optocouplers (Size: 4.88 * 5.85 * 3.18mm), small package design allows designers without regard to their size limitations, can be easily applied to the PCB, succeeded in reducing the thickness and size, more aesthetically pleasing overall design. Because of its fast transmission speed 15Mbps, making it more relevant to current industrial applications demand high specification, high power led flood light including the digital power supply, industrial computer peripheral interface and high-speed logic signal transmission. backpfrontp combination of CMOS technology, high voltage tolerant power supply module design, and applies to both 3.3V and 5V CMOS voltage, high CMR CMRR, and from -40 \u0026 deg; c to + 110 \u0026 deg; c wider range of operating temperature, in addition, EL071L can also withstand high isolation voltage up to 3,750 Vrms. backpfrontp billion light EL071L series of small package, 15MBit / s high-speed logic gate optocoupler series products, integrated above a number of advantages, 1000W LED flood light even at high temperature or operating current is still not sacrifice these properties. Samples and technical support: You can now start to provide on demand backpfrontp Production: 2015 fourth quarter backpfrontp For more information or these product specifications data sheet, please email request: Please contact your Everlight business office in the land. In place of business information,led arena light please check the website Shangguan site at: www.everlight.com. Picture:  billion light EL071L series of high-speed optocoupler breaks because rare speed advantages, particularly for industrial applications backpfrontp (in accordance with customer demand to select the appropriate package and product materials) backpfrontp Data source: Everlight Everlight backpfrontp backpfrontp on body Taiwan LED packaging industry leader, both in the total revenue and revenue growth, continued snatched Taiwan Everlight LED industry first. backpfrontp billion light with a full range of product lines, including High Power LEDs, Lamps, SMD / PLCC LED bay lights, Display, Infraredbackpfrontp and lighting module and other products to meet the diverse needs of customers. 'Energy saving, environmental protection, health,' it is Everlight since its inception has been committed to the goal of touchdowns. Everlight will continue to develop more diverse applications, LED packaging products, with the time to build the world's first Chinese LED street lighting brand, determined to keep pace with European and American manufacturers, to create a green LED optoelectronics industry, so that the next generation of energy-saving, environmental protection, health, sustainable The environment and the future! backp