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8-large LED Enterprise Revenue Growth Rate Continued To Be Negative Industry Downturn Now

Feb 05, 2017

 Taiwan LED enterprises in September revenue figures had improved: backpfrontp Taiwan LED stadium lights enterprises in September revenue figures show that in September, Taiwan's eight major LED stadium lighting companies with revenue growth continued to be negative, the cumulative annual revenue growth over the same period all is negative, indicating that the industry level nowhere near 2014 levels. But the ring data shows that chip makers Epistar, Everlight Ronda and packaging manufacturers, the East Bay's revenue growth are positive, much better than August's performance. Expected, with the arrival of the traditional peak season of consumption, Taiwan high power LED flood light enterprise revenue situation will improve. backpfrontp mainland enterprises pressing harder and harder, Taiwan LED industry in case of change in the situation: backpfrontp data show that in September the global replace 40W and 60W incandescent LED bulb prices continue to fall slightly, supply and demand in the form of the entire 1000W LED flood light industry is still grim. In order to control costs, improve performance, mainland enterprises have begun to adopt the package land owned chip, while Taiwan leader billion light package by the end of September also publicly confirmed purchase land owned enterprises LED chip. LED street lighting due to the relatively low threshold, with government subsidies to support the mainland chip companies, land owned chip prices have obvious advantages, it is easy to become Taiwan enterprises to select objects. Currently, the number of the continent's share of global MOCVD MOVCD proportion has reached 47%, with the second half of the production capacity gradually released, the price advantage is becoming increasingly apparent, Taiwan LED tunnel lights companies will face a serious threat. backpfrontp India LED lighting market is large, land-funded enterprises is expected to win: backpfrontp India due to power shortage, the government has been implementing LED bulb stimulus. Data show that is expected to 2015-2020, the Indian LED lighting market growth of more than 32%, the market is huge. And in 2015 from January to August, China India's total exports of LED lighting products 355 million US dollars, up 76.61 percent growth in China's exports over the same period the national scale ranking rose from 17 in 2014 to No. 7, has been local LED high bay lights enterprises become an important source of revenue. Due to the low level of economic development in India, cost considerations will be the core of India this rotation lamp program, while land owned LED gym lights enterprises in significant cost advantages, is expected to lead in this round race. backpfrontp LED bulb price war has been carried out over four months, the price has dropped to the bottom of the fierce competition in the industry. In this context, integration of resources within the industry (including horizontal integration and vertical integration) will be an inevitable trend, but with the technology and scale advantages of the enterprises will be in a favorable position in the integration. backp