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3 Of The LED Industry Little Visit 'Cigang Pushan'-----led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 04, 2016

 Sen walked into the office of the domestic market of Xiaolan in Zhongshan,LED stadium light Sun Shaofeng being guided around the work of a colleague. After a moment he came, I sat on the chair opposite, reach large Tangci Gang, the other hand played a few decades ago the grandmother's generation big Pushan. I told him funny, how do feather fan, he laughed, Zhuge Liang it? Then homeopathy and I chatted about the recent online Zhuge Liang's heat map. Yao Ming had blows of youth backpfrontp Sun Shaofeng,stadium lights Linsen (022745.SZ) Marketing Director. In Sen fought for 11 years for operating clearly in mind, but it has never said break. Over the years, I have not their own ideas, just follow the pace of the company. Sun Shaofeng said. backpfrontp This is of course just resigned his humility, with Sun contact with people who are aware, he was brilliant, but also a bit hypocritical. backpfrontp for hypocritical, Sun Shaofeng does not deny, but he believes that his hypocritical and more specifically technical hypocritical. For work, he believed in the work to have a 120% commitment and effort, because marketing public relations work, the role of the onset of a long time, relatively fuzzy logic,high power led flood light evaluation is not easy, but if they breathe, the future is likely to leak out force, Sun Shaofeng reach Tang Cigang drink some tea, which sometimes is not a person's hypocritical, but through their own in such a manner to convey to others. backpfrontp In fact, sitting opposite looked indifferent frame glasses wearing Sun gentle King Kong love industry,1000W led flood light was a basketball enthusiast. backpfrontp I and Yao Ming played. He casually tone, so I thought he was joking. However, this is not a joke. When studying in Shanghai, young Sun Shaofeng often play basketball with friends, in the year LanHua Cup opening race, their team's opponents is exactly where the team Yao Ming. Yao Ming is not known then what we do not know him. His tone is not the author of pity, is still clear sky to say, although very hard, I entered the three-pointers, but the strength is still a little big difference. backpfrontp clear sky Sun Shaofeng character is exactly what part of the composition. Do the brand and raising children backpfrontp in the famous Sen, the famous Sun Dong (here refers Sunqing Huan) serving men, not an easy fun. backpfrontp Linsen from the LED bay light package started to grow after the country's largest packaging company, homeopathy carry LED lighting business. The same policy of holding a high hit, let Linsen drastic traveling on the road and had to spend more thought on brand building. As a listed company so backpfrontp domestic marketing center, head of product marketing, Sun Shaofeng brand has its own unique insights. Do brands like raising children. He used the analogy is very easy to understand, to nurture a child, he grew up in the process, because some of the benefits you will not stop the train in front of him, but the long-term vision, let him grow,led street lighting accumulation potential. Brand brand, it means quality and reputation, product quality is the soul, but word of mouth is growing tired of monthly precipitation. To put it plainly, so the brand is the accumulation of potential energy in the process. Perhaps not see the short-term effect, can not bring direct transaction or benefit, but for businesses, especially for the pursuit of long-term development to be among the ranks of leading large enterprises, brand building is particularly important. Aggressive mulinsen backpfrontp dormant, attack, a hit in. As we all know, Sen has always been to the scale of victory, saw the market, then poured into. backpfrontp has been accustomed Linsen with market demand, based on the public, mainstream technologies and products, wins in large, stable. As a result, the market is not keen on Linsen kind of new technology, the new model stereotype. But in fact, we are the love of learning, attitude is also very positive. Sun Shaofeng Youran against say, but more pragmatic. Industry progress, market development, mulinsen next road, how will it go? In Sun opinion, there are products + long-term development of high-end brand, is a cost-effective business channel. backpfrontp Sun Shaofeng that the role of early Linsen in the domestic LED arena light industry, is more like the year Ford in the US auto market - he liked to use the car analogy - through large-scale production, application and pulled down the prices of some products, promote the product popular in the community, played a very good market educational role. But he also believes, still in the rising phase of Linsen, can do much more than that. backpfrontp In fact, each company has its own brand presence in each social value. Different stages of development in which the social role played by different, ways and means of branding needs are different. A clear understanding of business and the position of the stage, a reasonable allocation of resources, in order to have continued influence. backpfrontp LED development so far, some of the industry within the industry, the industry regarded as miserable plight the price situation continues to decline, LED challenges and so on. But Sun indifferent said the next two to three years, LED bay light will still find a new growth point, more tech field of special lighting, lighting wisdom, yet to be excavated. backpfrontp guam towel, laughing, mast scull ashes. Sun Shaofeng from not admit that they have such courage, but if not LED, I want to be interesting storytelling, he is also very suitable. backp