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2015LED Lighting Industry Consolidation Mergers And Acquisitions Over 28 Billion Yuan Of Funds To Stimulate The Industry Reshuffle

Feb 23, 2017

    Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Guangdong Province Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. to 2.621 billion yuan over Osram Foshan Lighting held 13.47% of the shares, LED stadium lights will become the largest shareholder of Foshan lighting. Rising company is the provincial state-owned enterprises, but also Foshan country star power of actual control. This is a time to seize the major financial news and business headlines, causing widespread concern the industry. backpfrontp this message, some people see the government focus on LED stadium lighting sector; some see the whole industry chain of integrated enterprise; some see the layout of the international giant Osram sale or transfer of business; some see the light Wang Foshan Lighting in the recapitalization changes, reshaping the meaning of national brands. However, throughout this year, the domestic high power LED flood light industry development trends, which is actually more than just the capital this year LED industry mergers and acquisitions (or takeover) case in one example. backpfrontp According to incomplete statistics, this year, around the area of integrated LED merger cases so far has reached more than 30, more than 28 billion merger integration funds, covering 1000W LED flood lights industry chain, in the form of mergers and acquisitions also diversified, and the case of mergers and acquisitions frequently occur, now also continue to unfold. Corresponding to this is that the major influx of capital consortium LED industries, many other industries have also cross-border business groups involved in LED tunnel lights industry, involved in the LED market competition. Rising company entered the Foshan Lighting and country star power, is seen as the LED industry to accelerate the industry consolidation reflects the whole, but also to stimulate the industry reshuffle. Through this kind of illusion backpfrontp LED M \u0026 A wave phenomenon concerns outside tend to produce: the current LED gym lights industry situation is excellent, thriving, prosperous development, triggering carnival capital, the major LED companies to catch good development opportunities, even also it reflects the dynamism of the domestic economy vibrant industry. In fact, the slow recovery in the global economy, the domestic macroeconomic climate colder, the domestic economic downturn, the larger environment of investment and consumer demand weak, affected by the LED tennis court lights industry, is also facing weak demand, overcapacity issue, compared to the past, the overall market is relatively deserted lot, lighting industry manufacturers and distributors face enormous difficulties and pressures. backpfrontp Admittedly, LED industry in the country as a major strategic emerging industries, the promotion of energy-efficient lighting, lighting technology upgrading, and so has a large market potential, but on the other hand due to the much promising, too many enterprises to participate in the competition, so confusion and intense competition in the industry, market profits are diluted, gradually moving towards marginal profit. backpfrontp According to statistics, the first half of 2015 National LED airport lighting industry total number of 579 loss-making enterprises, the loss of 22.18%. Higher than the national loss of face light industry 8.6 percent. Of loss than last year expanded 2.57 percent. This shows that to some extent this year, LED lighting industry environment is not so optimistic, under the influence of weak market demand and other factors, many enterprises are facing increasing pressure to maintain performance. backp In this case, the rise of mergers and acquisitions wave of LED arena lights industry as a whole by wielding the power of capital, and accelerate the industry consolidation to accelerate the survival of the fittest among enterprises, large enterprises to establish and perfect homeopathic upstream and downstream industry chain integration, and improve R \u0026 D technology, manufacturing, marketing channels, marketing, branding and other aspects of competitiveness and advantages of scale and super strength LED enterprise groups. This competition format, like from the Spring and Autumn Period flourishing, rapid transition to princes annexation, side by side seven powers of the Warring States Period. At the same time, it will be more and more SMEs are lack of competitive advantage shuffle eliminated, or face the outcome of takeover. In other words, the current domestic LED enterprise size about 20,000, with the deepening of the integration of the industry, the market has so many companies do not need to. frontp current Chinese economy entered a new normal, adjust the structure, steady growth, so that sustainable economic development. New normal RGB LED flood lights industry is constantly overweight industrial restructuring and upgrading, accelerate the pace of consolidation. This powerful large-scale enterprises, or for the entire industry, it is a good thing, can promote the industry more healthy benign, can not change the past, industry concentration, excess capacity, not high-tech, low innovation, core competitiveness lack many other disadvantages, but also will henceforth form a group with an international brand influence domestic large enterprise groups, strengthen national brands, you can participate to a higher level of international competition. For some current SMEs, we are faced with greater pressure on the survival and development, restructuring forced to seek change, or efforts to create new products and technological advantages, or tap new market segments, or that seek acquisitions find a new way out of the transition. Thus, LED companies must develop new ideas, and to adapt to this new normal consolidation and mergers in order to win the development in competitive and complex environment. backp