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2015 Sea Salon Success, Focus On The Future Development Of LED Lighting Wisdom

Dec 22, 2016

 launched in response to the work of national intelligence pilot cities,LED stadium lights Shanghai Western Returned Scholars Association, Shanghai Chinese Overseas Friendship Association, the Shanghai Federation of Industry and other eight units,stadium lighting jointly organized offshore Salon 2015 Electronic Engineering Ltd. in Shanghai think twice Systems Laboratory on schedule to interconnect Lighting \u0026 middot;high power led flood lights smart city as its theme. Director of Development Planning Department, Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission Zhang Zhongwei, deputy inspector of United Front Work Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Secretary-General Wang Jianmin Shanghai Western Returned Scholars, experts, city Western Returned Scholars Association president at the soldiers,1000W led flood light Shanghai Jiaotong University professor Wang Shanghai people plan Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society expert Xiaoming, were invited to attend. With the further development of a new round of information technology revolution and the knowledge economy, smart city becomes industrialization, urbanization and the depth of integration of information technology to a higher stage ahead of performance,LED tunnel light is to implement the State Council on innovation-driven development, promote new urbanization, an important measure of overall well-off society built. As cohesion returnees entrepreneurial strength, the backbone of the exemplary role of science and technology talent to play an important meeting, 2015 Sharon maritime keep pace with times, to think twice about the wisdom of LED bay lights as an example, the wisdom of the invisible city conceptualized as a real physical presence.LED arena light control, and its intelligent control, connection to interact with other devices, and so has a unique advantage, is being recognized by more and more people. Innovative R \u0026 D intelligence LED tennis court lights lamp products, and upgrading is the vanguard of the wisdom of urban construction. It sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently, wisdom gene penetrate into every corner of the city, the near future will be like air and water,gym lights become an indispensable part of our lives.