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2015 Package Of Four Mainstream Technology Fade Pattern Will Change?---led Stadium Floodlights

Oct 27, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng] in 2014, the industry was known as LED replacement, and also of the popularity of LED lighting. And in which the domestic LED stadium lights packaging companies usher in rapid development, the country will also gradually become the manufacturing center of the world LED packaged device. backpfrontp throughout 2014, the domestic LED packaging industry a good momentum of steady growth in the industrial scale, the key technology further narrowing the gap with international standards, innovative applications of basic synchronization with the international representatives of enterprises, listed companies eye-catching performance, enterprise integration movement split again and again, industry accelerate the adjustment pattern, the initial formation of brand competition. Engineering chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei high power LED flood light on the 2014 annual Golden Globe awards ceremony had said so. backpfrontp Indeed, the lighting industry to benefit from the rapid growth of the downstream, 2014 LED packaging industry showed a more rapid growth. According to the engineering RGB LED flood light Industry Institute (GGII) statistics show that in 2014 China LED packaging industry reached 56.8 billion yuan, an increase of 20%, the annual growth rate of the 1000W LED flood light package shipments more than 70%. SMD is still the most mainstream of the package, accounting for about 52% of the market value of the package, the proportion has been improved over the previous year. 2014 SMD mainly 2835,4014,5730,3535,3030 and other mainstream models, which accounted for over half of the 2835 market, 3528 and 3014 and gradually fade out the market. GGII senior analyst Lee germinal mentioned. backpfrontp this purpose, jointly organized by the Engineering LED, LED bay light Engineering Research Institute of Engineering LED 2014 Golden Globes are set up on the package Category 3 big awards: single devices, integrated devices and flip the device, Ismail was , Asahi Optical, Hongli Opto-electronic eventually won the first prize.  Engineering Golden Globe winner and finalists wrapper classes backpbackpfrontp while entering after 2015, by the flip-chip packaging technology to extend the opening of the CSP increasingly hot, before Crystal Electronics in this field to focus a few years later, after Hong Lee, and other industrial giants have Guoxing pioneering this battlefield. Thus, the current 2015 Golden Globe Engineering LED tunnel light CSP package also ad hoc individual awards, as the race of the current domestic CSP field individual champion. backpfrontp a few years ago, flip-chip technology has already been the industry's concern, but because of the cost, technical and other reasons, resulting in the downstream end market remained quiet, but with the rising technology in recent years, making the flip-chip costs continue to decline, while market acceptance further enhanced. We have no crystal Corky on independent gold wire technology, the introduction of CSP devices, smaller, better optical, thermal performance, power, heat, light, electrical performance are outstanding performance, will be the trend. Crystal Electronics vice president, president and special assistant Song Dong said. backpfrontp Apart from this, this 2015 Golden Globe Award for Engineering LED street lighting will continue to establish SMD, COB, EMC three packaging awards, joint CSP package, the four packaging technology also will be in the future for a long period of, occupy the position of domestic mainstream package. backpfrontp EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound) is an introduction of new Epoxy materials and etching techniques, a highly integrated framework in the form of a package formed Molding equipment. Due to changes in materials and structures, so it, according to a high heat resistance, anti-UV, highly integrated, high-pass current, small size and characteristics.Gym lights, In certain areas of ceramics and PPA has incomparable advantages, since the field began to introduce in the package after use, the backlight has been well used. Ismail was mentioned Zhang Lu Hua, director of marketing. backpfrontp LED packaging industry in 2015 will officially enter the competition phase-out period, \u0026 lsquo; the bigger \u0026 rsquo; trends more prominent. 2014 has been eliminated hundreds packaging companies, listed companies with the capacity and size of the business expansion release, conventional packaging device will enter low-profit era. I expect that in 2015, LED packaging size of over one billion Chinese enterprises will increase, industry concentration will move closer to large enterprises. Lin Chin-yu, chairman of Asahi Optical fill representation. backpfrontp So, who will become a veritable LED packaging industry \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 rsquo ;, large enterprises this year's Golden Globe Engineering LED will also continue to maintain open public, impartial manner, for the packaging industry selected the most representative and most recognized market LED packaging companies. Are you ready backpfrontp which companies will win in 2015 coming Engineering last year to get the Golden Globe award LED arena light packaging companies also can Zaixuhuihuang us infinite expectation \u0026 hellip;??? \u0026 hellip; backpfrontp 2015 Engineering gold Ball prize package enterprises list Registration (Update)