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2015 Global LED Industry Prices Continue Diving, Buddha Enterprises Export Prices Have Fallen Sharply

Feb 22, 2017

 Recently, the Canton Fair exhibition Akinobu Export Co., Ltd. Foshan City, an Indian businessmen pointed to a LED stadium lights outdoor lighting opening will be significantly lower prices, so that sales staff repeatedly shook his head. In recent days, the reporter learned that this year's trade, the global LED industry prices continue diving, Foshan LED stadium lighting enterprises in export prices also fell sharply. A fall in the unit price, intense industry competition, overcapacity in the industry winter, the companies were forced into a new round of price wars. backpfrontp continuous price: high power LED flood light export prices have hit bottom line backpfrontp Fair this year, the organizers deliberately scattered in the original museum building materials of all kinds of LED tennis court lights enterprise integration, the establishment of specialized 1000W LED flood lighting exhibition. However, the 17th reporter to see in the lighting booth, crowded scene no longer appear in previous years, many booth deserted. backpfrontp Import and Export Co., Ltd. Foshan City, Akinobu overseas sales manager Li Zhao Lile records these days, rarely live volume. Fair this year he only received sporadic several European and American businessmen, most of the Southeast Asian market customers. He remembers when the exhibition last year, a lot of customers, especially European clients will first ask the technical parameters of the product, quality indicators. This year, opening up buyers a lower price Meng. Price not walked away. Li Zhao said that the current LED tunnel lights product prices almost bottoming out, profit margins are very thin. A lamp trade price drop has tripled within three years. Two years ago to sell 30 dollars, 20 dollars sold last year, only 10 dollars. According to the country star power announced the first half of 2015 Annual Report, the company's overseas market revenue decline of over 10% compared to last year. Huohai said third-quarter overseas export quotas, although stabilized, but product prices continued to fall. Finished lower price plunges more than 30 percent compared to same period last year, the middle reaches of the package price also fell. backpfrontp profit fell: Buddha enterprises hope emerging markets backpfrontp export price fell, so deep intense competition and overcapacity dilemma gift chill LED arena lights industry, a new round of price wars started quietly. Russian buyers a chat with you for a long time, and finally says that he has to go to Zhongshan understand the situation, to see who compare prices more favorable. Royal Ascot Industrial Co., Ltd. Foshan spot person in charge Tam said other companies have cut prices, they do not fall, then it can only be closed down. Therefore, the company will be forced to choose to cut prices. He explained that as the small and medium enterprises, the company profit margins have been small, but this year prices are still down about 5%. backpfrontp according to customs data show that in the first half year, China's LED airport lights industry quickly pulled up in Russia, Brazil, India and other emerging markets as well as Africa and Latin America share.Huo said that in the continuous decline in export prices, profit compression environment, this year the company vigorously broaden the scope of the market, deep plowing the Southeast Asian market. Among them, the Indian market in the first three quarters of sales growth of around 300%. The Government of India in recent years to boost energy efficiency and environmental protection, the surge in demand. In addition, there is no RGB LED flood lights packaging companies in India, so soon entered the local market. backpfrontp Akinobu this year and vigorously expand the Southeast Asian market. Li Zhao, this year the first three quarters of sales in Thailand, the Philippines both increased by 15% year on year. First, because the rapid development of the Southeast Asian countries, Daxing infrastructure, LED gym lights product demand surge. Furthermore, each manufacturer is playing at the same price, but also to open up more markets, in order to win. backp