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2015 Engineering LED Agenda Published In The Next Three Years To Focus On Six Topics

Jun 11, 2019

   [Engineering LED stadium lighting industry next three years will be for all participating companies the opportunity last three years, this is a challenge, but also the last chance. Experience the ebb and flow of industry changes, many companies have impact even trigger a crisis of survival, even into the closure position. The whole industry chain into the Red Sea grappling, but also means that LED lighting industry has been more than just a simple transformation throes of technological, market and model innovation. LED lighting industry beyond the expected changes brought about by industrial restructuring, will inevitably result in pain. Adapt to the new market transformation, with the inherent thinking, old equipment to deal with a new round of changes, it is difficult to avoid the fate of being eliminated. Standing at a new turning point in the industry, high power LED flood light 2015 Engineering Conference (December 11, 2015 --12 days, the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the fifth floor Azalea Hall) continue to be a whole new perspective to guide industry, industry, business re-examine their strengths and weaknesses to re-examine their own market segments, re-examine their technologies, products and strategies. 2015 agenda organizers Engineering LED Year: Engineering 1000W LED flood light, Engineering, production and research time: December 11, 2015 --12 Venue: Shenzhen Convention \u0026 Exhibition Center, fifth floor Azalea Hall year: 2015 Engineering LED Golden Globe Awards (fifth floor Plum Hall) December 11 Venue: Azalea Hall, fifth floor, 09: 00-09: 30 open question speech: LED street lighting game and the outcome of the last three years of upstream integration: beaten, the outcome has been fixed midstream dispute: Running with Scissors , the scale of victory lighting battle: lively, no complete dead corpse and foreign mergers and acquisitions: the pros and cons unknown, Dr. Fu Xi Misfortune Engineering LED gym lights Epistar chairman Xiaofei special (a): LED upstream fixed pattern, find a way out Moderator: Engineering LED stadium floodlights chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei 09: 30-09: 50 upstream integration pattern: from red to purple Epistar chairman of special assistant Huang Chao 09: 50-10: 05 Flip Chip: Vice President rebuild market core structure edge HC SemiTek Difei 10: 05-10: 20 chip companies the way out: the price war, to fight the difference? Zhan Jun, general manager of the same side of the semiconductor AIDS 10: 20-10: 50 Roundtable: demon cut chip prices, the bottom line in what? Technology vs size, choice, or, and build? Three years later, the rest of the chip companies as well as what? Duxue Hong InvenLux semiconductor photoelectric general manager, vice president and general manager side Epistar chairman of special assistant Huang Chao HC SemiTek Tongfang Zhan Yun Zi Yan Chun-hui, chairman of Star semiconductor crystal sets special shares (B): In order Opus Dei presided over cross-border capital By: Crystal, chairman of Taiwan shares GONG 11: 00-11: 15CSP package Status and Trends of the country star power, deputy general manager Li Cheng 11: 15-11: 30 packaging companies how to break through Hongli Opto-electronic, general manager Lei Lining 11: 30-12: 00 Roundtable: not made capital, can not survive? Who is a price war, the integration of war, the last winner of capital battle? Horizontal integration and vertical integration of choice and the pros and cons? Lei Lining Lumileds country star power photoelectric general manager, deputy general manager Li (bright sharp) Marketing Director, Asia Hua Ming Zhou Xuejun, chairman Electronics president Xiao Guowei country star power title Session (C): is for lighting (I ) packaging technology + equipment innovation Moderator: Star Power, deputy general manager Li Cheng 13: 30-13: 50 to meet the lighting needs: light and miniaturization chairman crystal Taiwan shares GONG 13: 50-14: 05 Package self-revolution : CSP bring? Cost, quality or subversion? Lumileds (bright sharp) Marketing Director Zhou Xuejun Asia 14: 05-14: 20 chip scale package (CSP) development and application of white LED high bay light Crystal Electronics president Xiao Guowei 14: 20-14: 35 Cutters (dicing) Chinese brand Teng has been combat readiness, deputy general manager Lu Ning Shing Industrial 14: 35-14: 50 packaging technology change adaptation: Institute of Rare Earth Division Director Liu Ronghui luminescent material phosphor technology to keep 14: 50-15: 05 from SMD, COB to CSP the package bring innovative materials innovation Kang US special technical director Sun Hongjie 15: 05-15: 20 just cost requirements: + intelligence + deputy general manager of modular lighting series Guangyu Xu Min 15: 20-15: 50 Roundtable: technological innovation can subvert the future market structure? CSP is a killer or a straw? The future of lighting products in the end is kind of how? Cheap, durable, intelligent, interchangeable? Taiwan shares GONG Jing Teng-sheng, chairman of Deputy General Manager Lu Ning Institute of Rare Earth Industry luminescent materials division director Liu US special lighting technical director Sun Hongjie.