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2,000,000 Stock Money Actually 'borrowed' From The Boss Yang Chose Precisely Why BDO Runda?

Dec 30, 2016

 Shenzhen Wei Yang Planning Emergency Management Office Staff in November 2012,LED stadium lights 12-month period, Shigekura buy unknown BDO Runda stock, turnover reached 2.4 million yuan. The following year in April, when to sell stocks to profit as high as 95 million. Yesterday, Yang and their high school classmates, former assistant general manager of BDO Runda company's lighting division,stadium lighting senior manager Zhang sit together Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court courtroom. The prosecution alleged, the two suspected insider trading charges, Zhang informed the company after the acquisition of NVC to provide 2 million on behalf of the funds to buy the company's stock by the Yang, Yang also uses its own funds to purchase the 210,000 shares. Wei Planning Staff, abnormal backpfrontp stock trading account is reported by the China Securities Regulatory Commission finds that the acquisition of BDO Runda NVC equity matters within the insider information, insider information sensitive period 2012 September 19 to December 26.high power led flood light The prosecution evidence presented in court showed that BDO Runda company engaged in the LED lighting industry, BDO Runda company during someone's performance in general, but in November 2012, 12-month period, Shenzhen Wei Emergency Planning Branch Office Yang who has a lot of buying this stock. backpfrontp analysis issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission show, Yang opened in 2011 securities trading account, trading is not frequent, and its transaction are also short-term operation, transaction volume is small,1000W led flood light the biggest deal, but four million. Clearly November 2012, December Yang account transactions do not meet their daily trading habits, one is funding a large amount of 240 million yuan, on the other hand is held for a long time, until the following April only sell the stock. backpfrontp just after Yang lot of buying BDO Runda stock,led tunnel light December 26, 2012 BDO Runda announced the planned acquisition of the NVC, the next day the stock to resume trading. After the stock to resume trading, although a short time limit and even record, but soon entered the upward momentum. To April 2013, Yang sold all stocks,led arena light profit is close to one million. backpfrontp 200 δΈ‡ stock money actually borrowed from the owner backpfrontp precisely why so Yang chose BDO Runda? backpfrontp survey, prior to the acquisition of information to be disclosed, Zhang Yang and secondary school students have been frequent communication. Zhang's identity-based BDO Runda lighting division assistant general manager,led high bay light Zhang full participation in the acquisition, was identified in the Insider Dealing Department of the SFC. backpfrontp prosecution evidence shows that in the beginning of the SFC to investigate, they were collusion, denied the insider trading. Just when Zhang surrendered, Yang still guaranteed to the students, do not go after anything that would not be implicated. But under investigation, Zhang admitted that he was informed after the insider information, in order to avoid risks,tennis court lights 200 million in cash by the father to Yang, Yang then calls the command to buy the company stock. Zhang denied insider information to inform their master, also denied having paid commissions to Yang. backpfrontp but account information is displayed, Yang took the stock to benefit from the more than 20 million, partly to buy a house, partly to lend to others. Yang and Zhang have said, this is the borrower.gym lights Prosecutors said there is no evidence to confirm that the money was given to Zhang Yang reward. backp