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109 Million Yuan Holdings Qingdao Jensen Harmony Technology Overweight Ten Billion UV LED Market

Feb 24, 2017

  Harmony Technology on October 16 evening announcement said the company intends to use non-public offering of shares and cash paid to acquire the Qingdao-Health Electric Co., Ltd. 85.61% stake. Through the acquisition, Harmony technology will further improve in the field of deep ultraviolet strategic layout,stadium lights and then expand the health territory. backpfrontp Announcements, Harmony Technology intends to price of 12.42 yuan per share, issue stock acquisition 578.1364 ten thousand Zhang Guohua, Shanghai Jiu Bu equity investment partnership (limited partnership), Liang Liping, Jason Wu Shuai Electric holds 43.57% stake; to pay cash to acquire International led stadium lighting FinanceCorporation Jensen Electric LB CROSS-BORDER FUNDII, Zhang Jianping, Gao Ying, Zhou Ling holds 42.04% stake. After the completion of this transaction, Harmony will hold 85.61% stake in the company in Qingdao Jensen. backpfrontp According to statistics, the acquisition of the subject involved Qingdao Jensen DUV high power LED flood light field of study has reached more than ten years old, with domestic unique GaN-MOVCD (DUV growth equipment) manufacturing technology and DUV epitaxial silicon production technology, Its products are various technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. Through this acquisition, Harmony technology will become DUV healthy chips capital market in the first unit. backpfrontp DUV: LED look at a new blue ocean market backpfrontp Currently, UV 1000W LED flood light (UV-LED) is widely used, mainly used for sterilization, printing, curing, medical and other fields. The UV LED product specifications to follow wavelength into UV-A (UVA 320 ~ 400nm), UV-B (UV-B 280 ~ 320nm) and UV-C (UVC) three. The former technology and applications market has matured, mainly in the field of industrial curing applications, 3D printing, ink printing. UVB and UVC is called deep ultraviolet light source, mainly used in the sterilization, disinfection, decontamination, medical, military, secret communications and other fields, was optimistic about the market. Wherein the UV-B to medical based, UV-C is sterilization. Price DUV LED tunnel lights chip is several hundred times the normal LED chips, high profit margins. backpfrontp As the market for the product sterilization purification lights required strengthening, deep UV RGB LED flood light disinfection with other products can not match advantage, will gradually into the civilian, medical, military and other industries. May 12,2012 world authoritative medical journal 'Lancet' published a research report showed that 23 percent of cancer patients in developing countries are due to viruses, bacteria infection induced cell mutation. In daily life, in public places, people inevitably contacts carry and spread the virus. The test proved that when DUV used air conditioners, refrigerators, water dispensers, dishwashers,led high bay lights, vacuum cleaners and other products, the sterilizing effect of up to 99.99%, can be eliminated, most of the species known in a shorter period of time and viruses, such as E. coli and variants, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis black variant, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans and the like. backpfrontp With UVC chip launched on the popular white goods, first began to use in refrigerators, water purification machines, air conditioners, air purifiers, dishwashers, and other fields. There are professionals said, because the convenience DUV applications portable, low energy consumption multiple advantages, has been paid more attention to families and individuals. Carry a U disk size DUV LED gym lights products, from bacteria easily breed toothbrushes, combs, books, dishes and other household products, cleaning or not mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, also, or just falls wounds are can immediately achieve effective disinfection, and create a healthy environment for large families and individuals. backpfrontp present DUV military communications chip also play its unique advantages. Since DUV LED tennis court lights shortwave properties, with a flexible, low-tapping, comprehensive, unique non-line communication, to meet short-distance ships, aircraft fleet between confidential communication needs. backpfrontp epitaxial thickening acquisition profits backpfrontp According to statistics, the subject of party Qingdao Jensen is currently the subject of market sales around 2000 million. The industry said that the acquisition of Qingdao Jensen Harmony Technology belongs to the powerful combination of complementary advantages. Harmony extension and flip chip technology industry's premier, plus Jason basis of a world-class platform, we have developed a world-class UVC modules. After the merger is expected to put into operation, DUV chip project will contribute 50 million net profit in the company for 16 years for the company to provide a new profit growth point. Currently, the global application of deep UV LED airport lights market is in a rapid growth in the early stages, the data show, dedicated to the ultraviolet light source application developed by Japan U-VIX company, its 2010 sales of only $ 2 million, and 2012 annual sales more than $ 30 million. The total demand of the domestic market for DUV LED up to 15 billion yuan. And because Qingdao Jason is the only one DUV LED production enterprises, accounting for almost 100% market share. So, with the deep UV LED stadium light civilian market in rising amounts, Qingdao Jason is expected to achieve high growth rate in the number of times per year. backpfrontp overweight DUV chain led the industry to accelerate the strategic layout backpfrontp worth noting that science and technology had already begun the layout of harmony DUV market. The company on Aug. 24 with the announcement that Sheng Photoelectric carry out the depth of technical cooperation to achieve common development of commercial DUV epitaxial growth equipment MOCVD, together to promote the strategic objectives DUV related areas of technology development. It is reported that, in fact, two years ago, the two companies had already begun to develop. backpfrontp reporter noted that, until now, no international commercial DUV MOCVD epitaxial growth equipment providers, and combined with the cooperation with the Sheng Photoelectric jointly develop the next generation of top DUV MOCVD equipment, not only to ensure that the company DUV LED flood lighting mass production, but also to create a harmony in the field of deep ultraviolet become the only domestic capability to produce deep UV LED chips and walk in the forefront of technology companies. backpfrontp Some analysts have pointed out that the strategic significance of this acquisition Harmony Technology, Qingdao Jason in the long term, the company's future will actively expand the field of deep ultraviolet chip, chip DUV major health and medical fields combined, very broad application prospects. According to the company in 2014 performance and valuation point of view, in 2014 net profit of 64.267 million yuan, earnings per share of 0.28 yuan / share. (This article is Harmony Technology Contributor) backp