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10.21 Capital News | Spike Optoelectronics Eligible Toyota White LED Patent Licensing

Mar 09, 2017

 Liard first three quarters of revenue over 1.1 billion backpfrontp Liard (300,296), released October 20 evening announcement said the first three quarters of 2015 sales revenue grew 55.41 percent over the previous year. LED stadium lights report shows the first three quarters (January 1, 2015 - September 30, 2015) operating income reached 1.124 billion yuan, an increase of 55.41%. Meanwhile, the 2015 third quarter, Riyadh operating income reached 523 million yuan, representing an increase of 68.12 percent over the same period in 2014, net profit of 103 million yuan, up 182.67 percent surge. backpfrontp Liard first three quarters of earnings growth reasons: backpfrontp 1, the report orders and acceptance of the project increases, domestic revenue grew; high power led flood light, due Jinda Lighting (June to September over the same period last year) results faster growth and the acquisition of Li Feng culture, Jin Xiang and goods can photoelectric, an increase over the previous period income. backpfrontp 3, net profit growth was mainly due to the reporting period revenues and operating income growth. backpfrontp 4, focus on the development aspects of endogenous small spacing. Liard side said, LED stadium lighting small spacing TV orders in line with expectations, orders will be completed 1.1 billion target. backpfrontp 5, extension mergers and acquisitions,1000W led flood lights Riyadh this year is holding a high hit. Tentacles no longer limited to domestic cross-border mergers and acquisitions, but to go overseas, acquired PLANAR100% stake in the United States. backpfrontp Silan first three quarterly pre-cut backpfrontp Silan (600,460), Oct. 21 announcement that the first three quarters of 2015 net profit fell about 30% over the previous year. backpfrontp by the Corporate Finance Department preliminary estimates, the company expects 2015 January-September attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 126 million yuan, compared with last year, will be reduced by about 30%, the specific data in 2015, the company third quarter report to be disclosed. backpfrontp report shows that three quarters of this year, intensifying competition in the industry affected by the LED tennis court lights chip, a subsidiary of Hangzhou Silan Azure Co., Ltd. at a loss to some extent. backpfrontp addition, the company shareholding enterprises Friends of Hangzhou Wang Electronics Co. last year from the sale of available for sale financial assets achieve greater return on investment, but did not get the current investment income, resulting in net profit over last year there was a substantial reduction, also makes the company's investment income fell more than the same period last year. backpfrontp Silan said the trailer above data is only preliminary accounting data, specific and accurate financial data for the company officially disclosed the third quarter of 2015 report date. backpfrontp Spike Optoelectronics eligible Toyota white LED gym lights patent licensing backpfrontp spike Optoelectronics (833,423), the evening of October 20 announcement that the company received and confirmed Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Toyoda Gosei) authorization in October 17, 2015 Toyota Synthesis of Optical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in October 13, 2015 the signing of the white LED patent license agreement contract. backpfrontp company said the Toyoda Gosei and white LED arena lights patent license agreement, crucial for the present and future development of the company, opening the door for the company to global distribution, the company is an important step towards the international market. backpfrontp information, Toyoda Gosei is a technology leader in the global LED industry, is one of the BOSE patents Alliance member, has a white LED key technology patent portfolio. The signing marks the spike Optoelectronics become BOSE Union authorized white RGB LED flood light manufacturers. backpfrontp mainland many companies recently announced the acquisition of Toyota's white LED high bay light patent licensing, such as Jufei Optoelectronics, Ruifeng electricity. backpfrontp distance optical ESOP implementation progress backpfrontp distance optical (300 306), Oct. 21 announcement that far Fang the 1st ESOP were held eleventh meeting of the Third Board of Directors and by August 4, 2015 August 21, 2015 held the second extraordinary general meeting for consideration by the year 2015, the company agreed to set up far Fang the 1st ESOP. backpfrontp date of this announcement, the company is far Fang the 1st ESOP yet to buy company stock. backpfrontp company will be based on progress far Fang the 1st ESOP implementation, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations of the timely implementation of information disclosure obligations. backpfrontp Mason Technologies holding five percent or more shareholders pledge to lift backpfrontp Mason Technologies (002654), Oct. 21 announcement that the company recently received shareholders holding more than 5%, Mr. Luo on part of the shares held by the company pledged to lift notification. 7.32 Oct 26, Luo has been returned due to the borrower, which pledged in May 15, 2015, CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. for the stock pledged repo transactions 1,280,000 shares (of its shares held by the company directly %, accounting for 0.53% of total share capital) executives locked shares pledged to lift, and the date for completion has been corresponding shares to lift the pledge registration. backpfrontp date of this announcement, Mr. Luo Ming number of company shares pledged a total of 52.61% of its shares directly held by the company, accounting for 3.80% of total equity. backp