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'Lights Are' Low Take The Amount Into The Mainstream Or Small Plants Will Be Accelerated Phase

Apr 01, 2017

 Prices continued to decline, revenue continued to grow. Recent LED stadium lights listed companies have been released three quarterly deeply marked by the stigma of cheap amount of walking. backpfrontp intensified price competition in this year, now everyone is struggling to see who can get through the next two years. Listed companies have told the person in charge of Engineering LED, this year, that price spell scale has become mainstream. backpfrontp that just concluded in town lights Bo has also been confirmed. backpfrontp a period of four days of Zhongshan International Lighting Fair (hereinafter referred to as Light Fair) ended today, this lamp Fair set up more than 1,400 booths, it has attracted many exhibitors and buyers. backpfrontp However, inside the exhibition hall is not as full of popular imagination is so impactful. The global economic downturn, lights Fair's appeal does not seem as before. It is understood that this year's exhibitors, the city reached 408 exhibitors, including 276 in the town; the familiar large-scale LED stadium lighting companies are rare. backpfrontp Zhongshan with Chinese lights are known, the majority of buyers lights Fair is designed to provide one-stop sourcing platform, exhibitors include electrical products on display lighting, decorative lighting products, high power LED flood lighting products and outdoor products . To view exhibitions at home and abroad there is no lack of wholesalers buyers, in addition to the convenience of purchasing lamented Zhongshan, also prices here amazing. within backpbackpfrontp pavilion, the price to win the eye of a few, there are companies hit 0.8 yuan 3W bulb, 3W panel lights Madden price of 3.4 yuan, causing a lot of people stop to watch. Our factory is not very profitable, but after getting goods dealers out to make money ah! One to bulb, lamp, Grille for the main products of the company sales staff said that they have several factories, day-out bulb shipments can reach the one hundred thousand. Zhongshan backpfrontp we enter the market this year, general manager of Shandong a lighting company told reporters that they Zhongshan market is not familiar with,1000W led flood light but the lights are heard so much about the name, enter Zhongshan is also convenient for the procurement and market development. Town streets are the supermarkets and lighting-related stores, Huayi Lighting City, Times Square, lighting, Star Alliance, Light Cube, Lee and lighting Square utmost town. Chinese lights are well-deserved reputation. backpfrontp in August this year, the sun lighting (600261.SZ) established the town offices, fancy is the local resources, to facilitate the procurement of raw materials, product design updates, channels of distribution and after-sales service. backpfrontp In fact, take the amount of cheap Zhongshan long time, it is precisely because of the low price of the lights are quickly opened the market LED tunnel light products. Rather than to a dollar bulb 3W LED so many foreign companies prohibitive. backpfrontp now bustling town has gone six months ago, the Humen Bridge and the city without traffic jams, is the best evidence. Zhongshan market gave the most direct label \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; cheap, take the amount, but it is also very appropriate. Zhongshan fight with our price is definitely not enough, said a chat with the author Shenzhen LED arena lighting business owner recently, competitive pressure has been so great, if the death grip price, we will die faster. In his view, Zhongshan success is down forcing foreign companies to find a major driving force of new competitiveness. backpfrontp year, LED price of the whole industry chain are in decline, production and research LED Engineering Research Institute (GGII) survey data show that single upstream chip prices fell by more than 30%, the packaged device prices have declined about 30 percent, in part Device prices fell more than 50%. As RGB LED flood lighting application side, is showing a less consistent phenomenon, light type of lighting products, such as bulbs, lamps, etc., the first half of the price drop by about 25 percent. backpfrontp LED industry into mature, the number of firms will be less and less, GGII senior analyst said, blindly take the low road of business is difficult to face competition in the future as well as current market and industry consolidation under large, not small businesses will face a crisis of survival. backp