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'Internet +' Fusion Thinking 'wise Chau Made' Chau Ming Science And Technology In The First Three Quarters Of Net Profit Growth Of 128.67%

Mar 28, 2017

 LED stadium lights zhuangao Chau Ming Technology (300232), October 26 release third quarter 2015 report. 2015 July-September total Chau Ming Technology revenues of 335 million yuan, an increase of 37.67% over the previous year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 38.4687 million yuan, compared with 114.34% longer period last year. backpfrontp 2015 first three quarters of Chau Ming Technology Total revenue reached 959 million yuan, an increase of 39.18%; net profit of 95.5375 million yuan, an increase of 128.67%. backpfrontp During the reporting period, according to the annual business plan, and actively promote to Radiant remaining 40% stake acquisition, market expansion and deployment actively and achieved good results at home and abroad, business orders to maintain a rapid growth momentum, sales volume and operating results are a record high. backpfrontp Chau Ming science and technology which LED displays and high power LED flood light applications prospects, rapid development process has been highly anticipated, a larger number of enterprises, the scale and the overall strength varies greatly, although the trend evident in recent years the integration of acquisitions, but the market share still relatively dispersed, the domestic market in the low-end product homogeneity serious, intense competition in the industry. backpfrontp Currently, 1000W LED flood light display products are mainly used in indoor and outdoor advertising media, performing arts, exhibitions, smart city system and other domestic high-end market, and has the ability to compete with well-known international companies to face the traditional LED tunnel light display. backpfrontp With the arrival of the mobile Internet era of change and adjustment of economic structure, LED arena lights display industry is also in the making of a restructuring and upgrading. Companies adhere to the strategic endogenous + epitaxial development foothold in the main business, using the Internet to make wise Chau Fusion + thinking, actively explore the use of Internet technology and organizational model, steady advance the company into intelligent hardware + content services + Internet (IOT) platform companies. backpfrontp According to the report, LED high bay light display products for customized products, as the company's continued growth in sales and customers stringent requirements for delivery, the company will be based on sales forecasts reserve a certain stock, the company's stock on the increase. backp