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'High Margin' Automotive Lighting Market, So Why 'headlights' Difficult To Break Through?

Jan 03, 2017

 September 9, OSRAM is located in China \u0026 middot; new Kunshan plant has gone into operation. It is reported that the new plant will employ around 500 staff,LED stadium lights mainly used in the production of automotive lighting and display areas. Operations Kunshan plant will not only be able to meet the strong demand for the Chinese market for innovative lighting technology, we will further enhance our presence in the world's largest single lighting market. OSRAM Asia-Pacific region, President and CEO of Wu Shengbo representation. According to the National Bureau of Statistics released backpfrontp bulletin,stadium lighting as of the end of June 2015, China's domestic car ownership has reached 163 million, an increase of 10.72%, so the huge auto market but also to the tremendous growth opportunities car and components markets. backpbackpfrontp But in fact, the huge domestic market space, more than half of the market was dominated by foreign giants, faced with the rapid expansion of automobile lighting market, domestic high power LED flood light companies how into this piece of \u0026 lsquo; blue ocean \u0026 rsquo;? backpfrontp foreign monopoly and high margin backpfrontp LED lights and LED lighting industry chain similar, are starting from the beginning of the chip, to the device as well as modules, rear lights factory purchasing modules made of lights, and finally sold to the depot. Hongli Opto-electronic marketing director Wang Gaoyang Road. backpfrontp however, the lights from the current state of development of domestic enterprises, it can range from chips, components and then to cross-module industry chain enterprises fundamental absence, after its multi-stage processing enterprises. At the same time, the public domestic 1000W LED flood lights companies, except for the lights do Xingyu shares, independent production car BYD few companies market share can be discharged into the top ten, the other barely, the whole industry more caught in the embarrassing position of foreign monopoly. backpfrontp to chip end, for example, the current domestic market is almost lights Osram, Philips giant two full burden, and not take away the two chip giants, only sell the device. According to industry insider, the two giants has the most extensive product line lights, and industrial resources in cooperation with the world's top automakers for many years, it is possible to do dominate the global market. monopoly inevitably backpfrontp and industry gave birth to a bunch of rich, difficult to enter the market segments they will mean higher margin, according to data obtained by the author survey, even if the current LED tunnel light industry insiders started his lights packaging companies in the field of domestic public , the margins are already alarming. backpfrontp expensive for Hongli Opto-electronic domestic package carrier, for now the mainstream LED tunnel lighting positive grappling serious situation, no doubt, a huge blue ocean. Indeed, this type of lighting is still the main business enterprise data package is not representative, and Osram, Philips, such giants not yet in the same breath. But, even so, we can also get a glimpse, now this piece of automotive lighting Blue navy was actually how beautiful. Why backpfrontp headlights difficult to break? backpfrontp July 10, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released data show that the first half of 2015, China's automobile production and sales were achieved 12,095,000 and 11,850,300, an increase of 2.64% and 1.43%, although compared to 2014 has slowed, but the whole market is still in a stable growth phase, therefore, a huge car market and the absence of domestic brands of LED arena lights will make people feel pity. backpfrontp can be seen from the current situation, the domestic LED enterprises missing more areas of automotive headlamps, which is also the largest automotive lighting in most part of the core, technical difficulty, including the headlights in the column, two international giants almost carved up the entire market. And we get involved in more areas of domestic manufacturers, mainly concentrated in other areas such as interior lights lights, brake lights, tail lights and instrument lights. Wang Gaoyang representation. backpfrontp is reported that the LED lamp market is divided into two blocks: Interior and Exterior, called Interior, refers to the application part of the passenger compartment, as well known in the dashboard, and the seats lights, door handles lights, reading lights and other non-functional lighting, this one is the main battlefield of domestic enterprises; and Exterior refers to the outer chamber lighting, especially for the headlights, the LED for even higher quality requirements, taking into account safety, it needs to pass the automotive industry certification regulations, namely AEC-Q101, it has also become the domestic large enterprises insurmountable difficulties. backpbackpfrontp LED car headlights, this increased penetration of domestic LED high bay lights enterprises slower. Because here are mostly used for high-power LED white light, high cost, while for light distribution requirements are relatively complex, so all the lights turned plant by the traditional lighting of the demand for LED technology accumulation, content development will take time, certification cycle is relatively long. LED lights have many years of professional experience in the production of components, and Osram Rhonda has a patent swap agreement statistical bright photoelectric (Dominant) China Marketing Director Huang Xiaoqiang expressed. backpfrontp very attractive piece of cake, piece of cake people stare a lot, but the barriers to entry are very high. Real brand cars in the supply system for the supplier of the very strict requirements, unless there is a new car, otherwise the inherent supply chain is concerned, it will not easily change suppliers. In addition, LED enterprise standard for the automotive industry, manufacturing, process system lacks understanding, as well as test equipment configuration also restricts imperfect LED enterprises to enter this field. It has its own car brand BYD lighting sales director Xiao Zhiyong mentioned. According to the engineering LED arena lights learned that the current cooperation and depot mostly involving manufacturers need to sign a one-year guarantee to pay compensations protocol, high risk, while, all devices must be certified products in automotive R \u0026 D at the beginning, the device will have to plant and lights Factory together involved a project went into production often requires 2 \u0026 mdash; 3 years, during which time the device manufacturers are likely to have no income. Therefore, these factors may become the domestic LED tennis court light packaging factory reluctant to invest in the headlights reasons. backpfrontp depot reforms backpfrontp opportunities from a global perspective, the current automotive halogen headlights are probably accounted for about 80%, HID xenon headlights accounted for about 15%, led proportion probably about two points. LED next two to three years but may be very fast development, by 2020 we expect LED headlamps penetration will increase to 20%, Xenon lamp shrink to 10%, halo will remain at around 70%. LED production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) senior analyst Lee germinal mentioned. backpbackp performance comparison of the three lights backpfrontp It is reported that the configuration LED headlamps focused on high-end models such as the Audi R8 and A8, the Mercedes-Benz CLS, BMW X6M and the new BMW 7 Series, etc. have been using LED, at the same time, the current domestic 200000 level of car also attempted to use LED gym lights headlamps. backpfrontp contrast, domestic automakers for LED headlamps acceptance rate even higher than foreign manufacturers, because the case they can not compete in terms of hardware and other international companies, the trial may be the best LED advertising gimmick. An automotive industry professionals told Engineering LED. backpfrontp According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released by the Ministry of Information in 2015 points in the first half of the top ten models of car production enterprises sales ranking, according to the former group sales ranking top ten car prices, which are SAIC, Dongfeng, Chang'an, FAW, Beijing, Guangzhou Automobile Great Wall, Brilliance, JAC, Geely, said ten car prices sales accounted for 89.78 percent of the market total, there are more and more concentrated market trend. backpfrontp top four lights factory and depot are mostly joint ventures,led street lighting directly or indirectly, the majority are tied development in the depot early stage of development, so it is difficult to enter other depot supply chain. But now the bundling trend has started to diminish, after all, this business model is not conducive to free market competition, and therefore will not give domestic local depot small chance. Lee germinal last mentioned. backp