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'Golden September And Silver October,' The Altar Of LED How Once Again 'light'?

Jan 06, 2017

 to enter since September, originally present in the LED industry hot golden nine silver ten, but no earlier than 2014 to some of them. Indeed, the traditional LED stadium lights industry season, and failed to fulfill the will of man camel predictable, at the same time, many lighting industry practitioners are generally harder to do than in previous years to reflect this business, the reason is not difficult to find in some of the LED lighting industry segments already saturated tired to exhausted state. Just look for the blue of the Red Sea is defined as \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 rsquo ;, the sea if you have to jump off, no matter what the \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 rsquo ;, then quickly sea swim it! General Manager of Foshan Lighting LED Division Chen sentence joking, so that people can get a glimpse of the Red Sea in the current industry phenomenon dire straits. If not rough rough handling so-called, perhaps this is the common experience of many practitioners to join the LED lighting business after, indeed, living in this Internet +, LED stadium lighting the industry has long been the Red Sea, and is also referred to as insiders blood-red kind. Red Sea deep indeed not wrong, but I think, in fact, red and blue can be relative, blindly unable to extricate themselves entangled in the low level of competition it is \u0026 lsquo; Red \u0026 rsquo ;, and focus on the development of the industry itself extensibility is \u0026 lsquo; Blue Ocean \u0026 rsquo ;. Collar De Electronics General Manager of Shenzhen Lai, Yang told Engineering LED. Market segments in the moment, there are still many segments of the market is bullish, which requires practitioners to continue to explore, such as a high degree of concern nowadays plant lighting, automotive lighting and other fields, all with good upside. General manager of the cloud proud Lighting Shenzhen Yezong Ze mentioned, the current traditional high power LED flood light being inevitable altar background segments of \u0026 lsquo; blue \u0026 rsquo; will probably become the main profit point in the future LED industry. In addition, in the area all the way to accelerate the implementation of national strategies, many emerging economies and developing countries, is becoming a new blue ocean along our 1000W LED flood light products exports, but also bring new opportunities for the LED lighting business. These countries and economies are becoming an important gateway to Central and Eastern European markets we enter, and \u0026 lsquo; along the way \u0026 rsquo; policy, or will also help us light up this new Silk Road \u0026 lsquo; blue \u0026 rsquo ;. Xu Chun, general manager of Tempo Group LED tunnel light Power Division mentioned. Scale show their skills from the current signs the industry point of view, the industry has indeed a step towards the low-profit era, many big companies in the semi-annual report is a very clear trend decline in profits, from upstream to downstream applications and downward trend. However, I believe that a truly mature industry, profit is a normal profit of an enterprise, not by profits to earn, but by many together as much profit, which is the so-called economies of scale. Executive director of CITIC Group will ring Ding told reporters. As will ring Ding said, from the second half of last year, CITIC Group, Jiangxi four plant began full capacity. It is reported that China's CITIC-sided LED small power supply board has reached 200 yuan / square meter from the set, which also indicates that CITIC large-scale production on the road, has advanced to a new level, large-scale effects makes CITIC LED power supply in the country a number of custom circuit board manufacturers to stand out. The same of course stands out Linsen, which is a large-scale effects will achieve the ultimate business. From the beginning of this year, Linsen in the expansion of production capacity at the same time, further increased R \u0026 D Construction and LED bay light packaging products needed for the production of raw materials such as stents, epoxy resin and other supplies to match production line, in order to consolidate its leadership in the industry chain integration of status; the integration of raw materials chain, increase productivity, improve product quality and then, as the formation of scale, cost-effectiveness, stage lighting Linsen still increase market share as the focus, increase market share, and the market was have the right to speak, this will be better able to promote the healthy growth of the industry and market. Linsen lighting Marketing Center general manager Lin Jiliang as concluded. After June, Linsen hand in Op,1000W led flood light according to the Buddha and other domestic big companies launched a price war, so that the price of general lighting into a new phase, and the involvement of these manufacturers, indicating that the price war in the industry is inevitable, LED also true began to usher in the fight scale, to fight capital of the era. According to M \u0026 Bingo LED arena lights production and research Institute of Engineering (GGII) survey data show that in 2014, the annual overall amount of mergers and acquisitions was 60.7 billion yuan, and this year's 1--8 months, the amount of mergers and acquisitions has reached 29.31 billion yuan of scale, M already doubled the amount of five times. From the last year to the first half of this year, LED industry mergers and acquisitions frequently occur, the cumulative amount of the next two years will reach hundreds of billions of mergers and acquisitions, 500 million yuan more than the size of M \u0026 A cases will increase, at the same time, the merger will go international, overseas mergers Stories will also be simultaneously increased. Engineering, production and research chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei expressed in 'at this stage the LED tennis court lights industry dilemma and way out,' the keynote speech. In fact, the current industry vertical, vertical integration, in order to facilitate inter-industry cooperation model, has become a trend. With the gradual slowdown in the growth rate of the lighting market, excess supply capacity, operational difficulties due to the many small and medium sized firms, it is the phenomenon of the industry reshuffle is inevitable. Through acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions before they get the dominance of technology and resources to enhance the scale of production, the share of low production costs and, secondly, if the acquisition of the sales company, to strengthen efforts to develop new markets, can also be obtained in the exchange of technology and the full application of innovative technologies greater benefits, these can be regarded as meaning lies mergers and acquisitions. Xiaofei mentioned. . Currently, the domestic LED gym lights market has been in a stage of intense competition, especially in the lighting field, the gross margin has been at a low level, reflecting the lower profitability of the business situation. So each LED manufacturers seek ways to enhance the competitiveness of the transformation or mergers and acquisitions is an effective form of them. Common M \u0026 backp present, due to the increasing demand for mergers and acquisitions, with funding of manufacturers have set up investment companies, and strive to integrate resources by way of capital operation and enhance overall competitiveness. As for the M \u0026 A side, the injection of new funds in addition to ease their financial pressure, can take advantage of funds for capacity expansion, the continued growth of enterprise scale.