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'Chengfengpolang Yong Crown Warlords' Strong Giant Color 2015 In Conference---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 07, 2016

 Fruit of autumn in September, come together to talk development. September 13, in the Year of the power of the host sincere invitation,stadium lights strong winds and waves pack Yong crown giant color conference was held in 2015 in Changzhou, Jiangsu Ming Du Ziwei Garden Hotel, the meeting shared a strong giant color made the first half of 2015 great achievements, and the unified deployment of the second half of the work. At the same time, strong giant color with strategic partners create joint power from the whole industry chain, Nova Technology, spiritual faith vision, Maipu Vision, the country star power,led stadium light set north of the grain station shares, Golden Way and other strategic alliance companies jointly signed a Declaration on Cooperation with a dream to change the industry together, it is time to change the history of the industry, the executive team all strategic partners,high power led flood light strong giant color core dealers nationwide 78 team, as well as representatives of overseas distributors nationwide 32 Office Manager witness. backpbackpfrontp 2015, the first year of breakthrough upgrade backpbackpfrontp strong giant color and general manager Zhou Guohua pointed out in his opening speech, the first half of 2015, strong giant color stick with a dream to change over the industry together, contrarian development in their respective areas of work are made record a lot of money, it has once again proven strong giant color leading position in the industry. 2015 is a powerful color management giant breakthrough upgrade of the first year,1000W LED flood light but also the past and dream of re-start, creating the first year of the second decade of brilliant. Upgrade breakthrough glory along the development path, upgrade from the idea concept, operating strategy, enhance brand value and reputation, from product innovation, collaborative development, restructuring and other aspects of intelligence, build all-round good quality, strong build reputation. backpfrontp glory and the dream: a world-class company backpbackpfrontp great strength giant color executive vice president Xu Hui can lecture entitled and dreams of glory, a world-class focuses on the glorious dream of a great company. In the process of enterprise development, the tireless pursuit of the \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash;led tunnel light a more beautiful experience to the user, which is the driving force of business development eternal. The front row on the road, inevitably face change brought about gain and loss, shouldering a world-class dream of a great company, so that we firmly believe will never get much more than losing. As a leader in the LED display industry, even more to demonstrate the power of example. Powerful giant color in order to meet the needs of users with a high degree of brand recognition,led bay light the perfect product experience and efficient service, service to our customers. Let us carry the same dream, to change the glorious goal of the industry together, practicing the core values, for responsibility and mission, the tireless forward. backpfrontp Review: backpbackpfrontp extraordinary work achievements in the first half of the Deputy Chief Assistant Chief Deputy Director Huang Wenjie procurement center to do the first half of the summary, field personnel are all elated: the sales area, the industry slowdown, the case of weak sales, Powerful giant color explosive growth in sales, monthly sales exceeded 2.65 million. Channel construction, more powerful aspects of distribution channels,led bay light as many as 78 core distributors, provincial marketing team has reached 2,000 people scale; aspect terminal channels, thousands of shops million points program has applied for more than 4059 have been completed and 1300; products, S goddess series, high-standard 400 * 300 die-cast aluminum housing, 500 * 1000 standard series of high-end full-screen, etc. Once the market,led arena light have achieved great success, substantial sales growth, once in short supply situation. With the channel brand brand transition to the terminal, through continuous accumulation, strong giant color brand value rising, specify a strong giant color brand more and more projects in the terminal sales. backpfrontp Outlook: second half of the work force unified deployment backpbackpfrontp giant color monitor Xiewen Wei marketing centers the gross work reports from the three major measures to promote the marketing strategy, the three auto strategy, the top ten dealers,tennis court light six companies and five companies incentives to support policy direction Key policy unfold, one after another heavy support for the regional distributors continued to occupy the market dominance escort. backpfrontp In addition, at the meeting in recognition of the excellent performance of the three sales office manager, they are office managers Nie Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Jilin, office manager, office manager Zhang Jian and Wang Dongjin. Powerful giant color has been adhering to create value, people-oriented concept, the company with incentives to motivate, to think,led gym lights dare, promising, let us together and make unremitting efforts to change the industry. backpfrontp same dream together to change the Declaration on Cooperation industry Recently, with the increasing growth of a strong strategic alliance giant color system, create joint power supply, Nova Technology, spiritual faith vision, Maipu Vision, the country star power, set the record north, Taiwan crystal optoelectronics, Golden Way and other strategic co-operation, and the strong interdependence giant color, deep, depth, multi-level cooperation strategy paid off day, with a dream of a giant color, RGB led flood light by a strong change cooperation signing ceremony of the Declaration of the industry together personnel at the scene to witness the grand carried out under. The new general manager backpfrontp Chuanglian power Tong King said strong giant color based on the LED display industry, from raw materials, packaging, display, control card, power supply, terminal sales, to create a complete chain, a collection of high-quality resources in all areas, the establishment of a domestic the largest, most complete, best LED airport light display industry strategic cooperation family, everyone agreed the concept, concerted action, will become the most outstanding LED display industry, the most influential team. Leading strategic alliance participating companies have also said that the future of giant color with a strong core of strategic cooperation with confidence. backpbackpfrontp This is a wisdom of the collision, the General Assembly unified ideology; it is a mind, pioneering spirit of the General Assembly; it is a goal of convergence, power sublimation of the General Assembly. Based on the new starting point, look to the new development, a strong giant color concerted efforts to uphold the idea of sharing with peers, toward the great goal of creating a world-class company very great respect for the company's wind and waves, move forward.