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'Absolute' Good Rotary Table

Mar 13, 2017

 Machine has an indispensable role in today's industry. In recent years the popularity of 5-axis machine tools, industrial products, especially some of the requirements of fine processed products, greatly enhance the flexibility of its design.LED stadium lights In the past can not achieve mass production of complex design, could be implemented now, and greater efficiency and quality. We use every day smart phones and tablet PCs and other electronic products, metal body, are processed through these advanced machine tools.LED stadium lighting Currently multiaxial technology matures complex machine tool rotary tables (referred turntable) requirements and improve the accuracy and speed. ITRI \u0026 mdash; Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI abbreviation) spotted the huge future market needs, developed the dual-axis rotary table, configure Renishaw RESOLUTE \u0026 trade; absolute angle encoders series, connected to the internal serial protocol developed by Panasonic On the controller, high power led flood light help the industry develop competitive turntable program. backpbackpfrontp turret on the machine's value backpfrontp ons turntable is a very important tool when needed workpiece having complex surfaces in particular.1000W led flood light Turntable manufacturers develop a variety of different structures to deal with different processing needs. Use backpfrontp turntable scalable processing freedom machining center offers the 4th axis, 5th axis rotation axis. The traditional 3-axis machining center turntable is not configured, the workpiece is fixed in the processing table, each of the top surface of the machined surface only, and 5-axis machining centers, moving through the rotary table, the workpiece clamping only once to complete the 5-sided processing,RGB led flood light greatly reducing the time loading and unloading of the workpiece. Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute senior engineer Mr. Chen Guanwen explain the structure of the turntable: turntable on the market a wide range, there are uniaxial, biaxial cradle, suspicious shaft and so on. LED tunnel lights Structure is mainly made up of body, main bearing, work disk, drive, servo motor, grating and brake system components. To reduce costs, most of the components we have developed or are in local procurement. After years of efforts, the overall cost has been significantly lower than many international brands more than 50%, and our ultimate goal is to transfer these technologies and manufacturing solutions to local manufacturers, help them develop competitive turntable. backpbackpfrontp ITRI developed a turntable with a rotation axis and tilt axis,led arena lights both using self-developed direct-drive motor, the advantage lies in its high torque, high rigidity, low wear and no backlash and so on, the former allow 360 degree turn the latter range of rotation of 170 degrees. Two axes are configured RESOLUTE RESA angle encoders provide 23 Bit resolution, connected Panasonic servo drives and ITRI developed controller. Two-axis turntable overall positioning accuracy and repeatability, respectively \u0026 plusmn; 10 arcsec and \u0026 plusmn; 5 arc seconds, the system minimum resolution of 0.001 degrees. Disk diameter of 250 mm, providing torque to 170/300 Nm (rotary axis) and 245/440 Nm (tilt axis). backpfrontp RESOLUTE absolute encoder led high bay light direct drive motor mechanism features designed to promote gratings generally built in the motor inside the motor due to the limited space, so the volume grating reading head, there are strict requirements, the design must be compact. Mr. Chen Guanwen said: We raster selection, volume is an important consideration, and must choose open grating, because the enclosed gratings package housing, size too large, are generally not suitable for installation in the direct drive motor Body. Further processing center working environment in general is very serious, flooded cutting debris, grease and other contaminants, but because the grating incorporated in the motor, so the open grating is not a problem. RESOLUTE protection rating of IP64, sufficient for most pollution, even accidentally grating coolant or swarf is dirty, it can work properly after cleaning. backpbackpfrontp Renishaw RESOLUTE absolute encoder compact design, the reading head measures only 36 x 14.9 x 16.5 mm, is on the market a few high specification but lightweight grating, supports multiple industrial serial protocols. Read head using advanced optical filter lens group, to effectively filter the noise due to contamination on the scale caused by maintaining low noise levels (jitter up to 10 nm RMS) to facilitate excellent positional stability, while attempting to use the fundamental strengthen detection mechanism type achieve only \u0026 plusmn; 40 nm low sub-divisional error (SDE), to promote a smoother surface machining a workpiece. backpfrontp improve production efficiency backpfrontp Time is money, especially in today's shortened product life cycles, product diversification era of fierce competition. Manufacturers in the pursuit of quality of products to meet customer requirements at the same time, we must continue to improve production efficiency, to ensure the introduction of new products to market as quickly as possible, which requires a corresponding production equipment to enhance the efficiency of cooperation. Mr. Chen Guanwen said: upgrade turntable speed can significantly reduce the overall cost of production, be aware that some large-scale production line every day,led airport lights tens of thousands of devices into production, large or small, any pause and delay will result in increased overall costs. Absolute encoder when the real-time collection which is a feature of the absolute position each time you start, do not return home, but also to continue the implementation of previous work in the pause position after a power cycle or replace cutting knife, unlike the incremental grating need to return home to restart This will undoubtedly greatly reducing the overall production time. backpbackpfrontp customized solutions backpfrontp ITRI has been developing new technology industry, like other innovators, as in the development process will inevitably encounter some challenges. Mr. Chen Guanwen said: Our original plan was to do a competitive turntable, in view of the friendly relations between ITRI years experience with Panasonic and its products, we chose to use Panasonic servo drives. But at the time we did not meet our specifications compatible with Panasonic serial protocols open absolute angle encoder on the market. We had to try to contact grating manufacturer has customized solutions, but fortunately finally with Rainey Shao Dacheng consensus, they are willing for us to develop related RESOLUTE absolute rotary encoders, through the efforts of Panasonic, ITRI and Renishaw tripartite finally a success Taiwan developed using Panasonic's first direct-drive turntable serial protocol. Years of cooperation with Renishaw, felt their after-sales support has been doing is in place, while the performance RESOLUTE grating and we used had SiGNUM \u0026 trade; series of incremental grating and XL-80 laser interferometer equally impressive. backpbackpfrontp Company Profile backpfrontp Industrial Technology Research Institute was established in 1973, it is a world-class R \u0026 D organization application, has nearly 6,000 R \u0026 D elite, whose aim is to promote the industrial development of science and technology research and development, creating economic value and enhance social welfare. Founded four decades, accumulated more than 20,000 patents, nurturing and hatching 260 companies. ITRI provide a full range of R \u0026 D cooperation and business advisory services, including new technologies and new products commissioned the development of small pilot production, process improvement, calibration, measurement, and technology transfer, intellectual property and other value-added services, and set the open laboratory and Incubation Center, and actively cultivate and promote the development of start-up companies, accelerating industrial technology development and nurture emerging high-tech industries. (This article is Renishaw contribution) backp