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'$ 0.8 Era' Accelerate Penetration Also Major Reshuffle Or Supply Chain?

Apr 11, 2017

 LED stadium lights Xuchao Peng Recently, the industry's supply chain companies said Philips OEM and ODM requirements of domestic and Taiwan LED bulbs reduce ex-factory price in 2016 was $ 0.8, LED circle this uproar. backpfrontp think from the first half of this year, the domestic LED product price war has risen to the full swing of the stage, the domestic enterprises and multinational giants have showed off a low-cost strategy, a market bloody time. backpfrontp In this one, with Philips Lighting can do big kill four, following in the North American market cheapest on the market 60W LED stadium lighting bulb package \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; only after two $ 5 price, but also in Taiwan and Southeast Asian markets have launched preferential schemes, using low-cost distribution strategy step by step, captured many fans, and with a strong brand benefits, the first to build a fortress in the low-cost market. backpfrontp present, the domestic low-cost design launched in the second half of 2015, the simple structure of the high power LED flood light bulb factory price has been reduced to 1 \u0026 mdash; $ 1.2 lowest level, and domestic OEM and ODM business are gathering production cost competitive advantage, efforts to reduce the offer to ex-factory price lower than the current $ 1. According to an industry insider revealed. backpfrontp and that is drawing to a close in the third quarter of the time, the Taiwan-based LED packaging giant Everlight also said they would use domestic LED chip to reduce costs, but industry sources have predicted that they eventually corresponding 1000W LED flood light bulb ex-factory price, can be reduced to close to $ 0.9 development program. backpfrontp But I also think, if only by reducing the LED chip and packaging costs to the price dropped to $ 0.8 is not easy, it will be necessary to provide a new design by minimizing the total cost of production. General Manager of Foshan Lighting LED Division Chen Wenji representation. backpfrontp However, this gradually spread, more and more endless wave of price cuts what is good or bad, might be a good thing for consumers, but the majority of domestic small and medium enterprises are not so looked lighting. backpfrontp Because Philips LED tunnel lighting manufacturers index, it markdowns action series is bound to attract global attention, it's the layers of low-cost comprehensive layout helps stimulate LED street lighting penetration, but its bid was too intense, will squeeze wire Manufacturer of living space. Thousands Zouzheng Kang, general manager of Foshan Lighting plated sigh, even Philips such international giants are lower prices, small and medium enterprises as well as Heli Yi speak? Backpfrontp worth warning that, with this year's price frenzy is accompanied by more than multinational lighting Enterprises lamp recalls, CREE recall in the United States more than 70 million pieces lamp, OSRAM recall 55,000 because of the presence of fire hazards and safety issues, to know that these are all $ 20 or so high-end series, think of the current domestic Lamp priced around $ 1,LED arena lights people can not help but said he was worried about their quality. backpfrontp price we must dominated by technological progress, efficiency, cost reduction is made, rather than as if some manufacturers use small-size chip, gold wire copper change, the power to use the cheapest solution, substrate cheap glass plate, plastic shell with no windows, which are our strong opposition, but also the industry is not advocated. Zouzheng Kang expressed. backpfrontp GGII believes prices under frenzy, the majority of small and medium enterprises are facing strong pressure from the international lighting giants, from turning around difficult to imagine, but how to hold the bottom line? to find new ways to minimize the total cost of production, Positive become necessary, not low-quality low-cost must become every LED practitioners criteria, otherwise Made in China gradually losing advantages, we will also disastrous. backpbackpfrontp Sidebar: Philips Lighting Products 2015 each price schedule backpfrontp 3 months, Philips has a warm glow release dimming LED lamp, priced at just $ 9.97, through the dimmer switch can control the brightness, color temperature from 2700K yellowish reduced red-orange hue, similar to the sun-like light gap, the same price of Osram and Cree similar products can not provide such a light feature. backpfrontp 4 months, Philips to celebrate Earth Day, launched on the market the cheapest 60W LED high bay lights bulb suits \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; 2 Pcs price of $ 4.97, up to three months, after the restoration of every single price of $ 5. The industry believes that this is a Philips fold clearing old stock, although there will be short-term price disturbances, but recover after a $ 5 there are indicators of significance, because the prices have been approaching energy-saving lamps, but a longer life, will be able to steering help attract consumers purchasing LED bulbs. backpfrontp 8 months, Philips introduced a new intelligent lamp family members Hue \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Hue Wireless Dimming Lamp + Remote Control Kit also took the low road, priced at $ 39.95. The greatest benefit of this product is cheap enough and can be directly used without the need for intelligent lamp as a conventional Hue also need to take a bridge that (Hub). The new bulb at 2700K soft white light of 800 lumens, life of approximately 25,000 hours. backpfrontp same time, from the beginning of August, the war has gradually spread to Asian markets from the 12th backpfrontp, Philips introduced tonable Wenheng Yu 75W LED tennis court lights Ceiling 9999 yuan (original price of 11,900 yuan) discount program in the Taiwan market Rite; 20 onwards, pure Under light 6.5W LED bulb price to kill more than seven fold, the immediate concern of the original price of 249 yuan from 169 yuan lower. backpfrontp 28 days, in order to improve the Philips LED lamp market share in Taiwan, Philips and then start low-cost models, different models of LED lamps retail prices from 2499 Taiwan dollars (about $ 76.90), NT 1500, NT 1499 decreased to NT $ 999, NT $ 899, NT $ 799. Philips said it expects sales to reach 400,000 to 500,000, the market share from the current 30% to 35% \u0026 mdash; 40%. backpfrontp addition, Philips (Thailand) Electronics Company has announced the launch of integrated marketing campaign: the customer for every purchase of an LED bulb will receive a 20% discount, the activities will continue throughout September. The event aims through a number of integrated marketing communication activities to encourage consumers to make a change. By country 16 provinces television broadcasting, print ads, online marketing and roadshow activities to inform consumers use favorable advantages of LED lighting. backp