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[Trends] Ruifeng Power Adjustment Capital Restructuring Plan, Three New Board Listed Cody Photoelectric

Jan 13, 2017

 Ruifeng power (300241.SZ), September 27 evening announcement said the company adjusted the restructuring plan, intended to be 200 million yuan to buy 85% stake Ling Tao Optoelectronics . backpfrontp Ruifeng power and the target company belong Ling Tao Optoelectronics LED stadium lights packaging industry. Through this transaction, Ruifeng power to consolidate and strengthen its position in the field of LED backlighting; both sides of the technical staff can learn by sharing, joint development, cross-domain integration, etc., to further improve product performance, accelerate product upgrading and enhance competitive advantage. backpfrontp In addition, listed companies will be deep integration in technology, marketing, management and finance; after the transaction is completed, Ling Tao Optoelectronics supplier, procurement channels,led stadium lighting customers, sales channels and other aspects can complement and Ruifeng power . backpfrontp Changxing Cody photovoltaic (833606.OC), today announced that the company is granted by way of the transfer agreement in the national share transfer system (three new board) publicly listed for sale. backpfrontp It is understood that Cody photoelectric established in 2006, main business is engaged in the development, production and sales of high power LED flood light products.Cody photoelectric operating income of 20.9444 million yuan, down 8.46%, net profit of 865,500 yuan, an increase of 24.69%. backpfrontp Xindeco (000701.SZ), on September 26 announced Hao days photoelectric shareholder intends to purchase the entire equity interest in the acquisition involves assessment notes. backpfrontp Xindeco Business: optoelectronic products technology research, production, sales and construction services; a light emitting diode 1000W led flood light package, infrared devices, photosensitive devices, photoelectric sensors production and sales; a light emitting diode (LED) applications products , marketing and supporting software development and after-sales service; import export business of the enterprise products and raw materials of the enterprise belongs to, mechanical equipment, instruments, spare parts and technology (not attached Import and Export catalog), but the state companies operating limit or prohibit the import and export of goods and technology except. backpfrontp Hao days photoelectric Business: general business items: LED tunnel light, LED light source, LED drivers, LED semiconductor lighting materials technology development and sales; import and export of goods and technology. (The above are free from laws, administrative regulations, the State Council decided to ban and regulations require approval of the project before disposal). License the project: LED high bay light, LED light source, LED drivers, LED semiconductor lighting material production. backpfrontp Siu Chi shares (002429.SZ), announced that the 2015 August 28 to September 23, the first phase of an ESOP company through the secondary market to sell 11,547,980 shares of company stock, the total turnover of 100,958,508.14 yuan, the transaction price was 8.74 yuan / share, the total capital ratio of 0.72%. backpfrontp Mason Technologies (002654.SZ), the company's stock because planning major events July 3, 2015 opening date for suspension. To ensure the smooth progress of this major asset restructuring,led arena light the company since September 28, 2015 opening to continue the suspension, the company promised to disclose major asset restructuring plan for October 30, 2015 and the resumption of trading. backpfrontp company's commitment to the cumulative duration of the suspension does not exceed three months, as the company failed to disclose significant asset restructuring plan (or report) within the extension period, the company promised since the company's stock within six months from the date of resumption of trading is no longer planning a major asset reorganization. backpfrontp Australian foreign Shunchang (002245.SZ), announced that the company directors and executives based on confidence in the future development of the company's sustained and stable and promising long-term investment value of the domestic capital market,led tennis court lights on September 24, 2015 -2015 9 March 25 by way of its own funds Shenzhen Stock Exchange trading system's total holdings of auction trading shares of the Company 202,600 shares. backp