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[This Year The Feast Will Not Gifts, Gifts Also Received A Golden Globe Engineering] Crystal Electronics Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Race

Dec 19, 2016

 LED stadium lighting industry authority selected --2015 year (sixth) Engineering Golden Globe - LED good product selection activities, has entered the voting phase micro-channel. Since 2010, Crystal Electronics Engineering has five consecutive years won the Golden Globe.high power led flood light Crystal Electronics this year will bring three major product and a large technical race Annual Golden Globe Awards 2015 Engineering Technology Innovation Award once again, they are: no gold packaging technology, SMD5050, direct type backlight device 3030, HV light component, posters crystal Electronics 5050 blockbuster hit, LED stadium lights summer war. If you think our products, technologies or poster is good enough, then give us cast your valuable vote on it backpbackpfrontp voting process:! Backpfrontp first step: the official micro-plus Engineering 1000W LED flood light signal: weixin-gg-led or scan dimensional code Step two: Click below [Golden Globes] \u0026 mdash; choose I want to vote \u0026 mdash; to enter the voting system interface; backpfrontp Step 3: Click below to read the original channel into the vote. Step Four: Click on one of the red box.Step Five: Choose Crystal Electronics products Step Six: Voting finished, return home and continue the rest of the vote four awards.led tunnel light Xiaobian tell you that after the vote is completed the system will prompt you to draw it! voting time as of October 26. backpfrontp Thank you for your support!tennis court light You can cast one vote each phone within 24 hours, I hope you can give Crystal Electronics cast your valuable vote every day! Thank you! (This article is Jingke electronic submission) gym lights