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[Glory] Have My Parade War 'National Star'!---led Flood Light

Oct 24, 2016

 2015 is the Chinese Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fascist War 70th anniversary. To mark the significance of the victory of the war in human history, September 3 large military parade will be held in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. Then, Tiananmen Square East, northwest corner of each 360 square meters of the two 3535 devices provided by the National Star, Liard manufacture LED stadium light display will be broadcast live worldwide event. Word answer: I am in Tiananmen Square East, northwest corner, near the five-star red flag, and Tiananmen Square across the street. Why is country star Guoxing outdoor full color 3535 devices with multiple waterproof design, dustproof, waterproof,high power led flood light anti-UV; five-sided three-dimensional brush ink, matte packaging technology to bring higher-contrast display; science spectral filter, higher color reproduction, brilliant picture clarity will bring viewers. In addition, the display device is Guoxing 3535 is optimal Tall Dwarf patented design for gluing process without affecting the mask design, compact design can be widely applied to high-density P6-P10 outdoor display on. backpfrontp outdoor full color 3535 devices has been a country star power star product, previously appeared in the European Cup, Korea Photonics beatification of Pope and other important occasions door display, the debut of the world's countries are concerned event is the highest praise for the country star power display devices and affirmation word answer:! Country star power display device represents the highest seal China 1000W LED flood light technology. Why do Guoxing country star power has been renowned in the field of LED display device, there is always a big event Guoxing do background people gradually summed up the law. Indeed, the background Shanghai World Expo opening ceremony of the important activities at home and abroad, Davos, Thailand Miss Universe contest, the 15th anniversary of Macao's return and other displays are used in the country star power of high-quality full-color LED bay light devices. backpfrontp This shows that the country star power of full-color LED devices have been highly recognized in the field of high-end engineering, for the country star power launched a new version of the 3535 professional engineering and higher performance and reliability of protection, it will promote China Outdoor Full Color LED tunnel light technology to a new level.let us look forward to the Victory Day September 3 big parade, witness the Chinese power LED street lighting packaging field strength and China in the field of military defense! provides the device's display via Guoxing, our joy of victory, for martyrs cherish the memory passes to people around the world who love peace, let the world see that we defend peace and defend the faith commitment to the country. Do not forget national humiliation and hard work, we will unite the people of all nationalities converging surge of new, unstoppable force promoting the country to move forward, to protect national long-term stability word answer:! Chinese forces should not be underestimated, Chinese dream will be realized ! (This article is the country star power contribution) backp