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[Exclusive] Engineering Owed 180 Million? Foshan Tovey Urgent Need Disk Access---led Stadium Flood Light

Nov 29, 2016

 September 17 evening, Foshan Tovey Environmental Lighting Engineering Co. (hereinafter referred to as Foshan Tovey) entrance of the company, gathered a large number of people, including suppliers, a company's employees,stadium lights as well as the police. According to the presence Informed sources said that they have been here for a day, but things did not progress. We are now in the fifth floor conference room, Tovey boss also, but was not able to solve the problem. A supplier's representative told the 'Engineering LED stadium light'. backp thing goes back to two months ago. That time, Foshan Tovey suppliers who delay payments not received Tovey began Heart doubts. Until recently, Tovey cash flow difficult circumstances no longer conceal, money owed to suppliers snowballed, a total of about 180 million it owes, said on behalf of a supplier, we are only 2.6 million. To his knowledge, was Tovey owed suppliers more than 500, of which more than one million of debt, more than 80, the biggest victim was owed 12 million. In addition to suppliers of money, Foshan Tovey also owe their workers for 3-6 months of wages did not send. The situation really is not optimistic. high power led flood light In fact, in the afternoon of September 17, the author of the micro-channel group will receive the opportunity to Foshan Tovey due to tight cash flow and looking for integrated, said only about 200 million to revitalize the business. Foshan Tovey is the Hong Kong HSBC Group companies, was established in 1996. In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of indoor and outdoor lighting market demand,1000W led flood light the company developed rapidly in 2014 achieved revenues of nearly 8 million, and plans to reach 20 million in 2015. At this year's March 31, Foshan Tovey and Dongpeng home, Ali Baba, Xinpeng robot reached a strategic cooperation, start Internet +, through intelligent manufacturing, accelerate technological innovation machine generations. At the same time, Foshan Tovey start listing strategies, plans landing three new board listing. To comprehensively promote market strategies, visit the capital market,led bay light Tovey and several venture capital firms for strategic cooperation. Day, Ding Dian investment, investment and Tovey Star signed on the spot. But I do not want to just over half in 2015, the company appeared in the case of funds breakage. backp The source told reporters that the situation Tovey Longjiang district (Tovey location) are known, but there is still no solution. At press time, led tunnel light the containment action continues, the informed sources said that supplier representatives are stuck in the factory can not get out, and this containment will continue. Next Monday we plan to respect and Tovey contacts to convene a supplier conference,led arnea light a vendor representative said, still hoping to find a suitable and interested companies to integrate the loss can be minimized. Foshan Tovey from its website: Foshan Tovey Environmental Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. (Foshan Tovey International Lighting Co., Ltd.) is a Hong Kong HSBC Group, the company was founded in 1996, the Group's fixed assets 1.55 billion yuan yuan, covers an area of 250,000 square meters enterprises,led gym lights of which plant covers an area of 280,000 square meters area. The company is located in Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, registered capital of 210 million yuan, the existing staff of more than 3,200 people, engineering and technical personnel more than 200 people, in senior management and quality control staff of 180 people. Company product line and a variety of species up to 5000,tennis court light with the company interior lighting division, outdoor lighting division, LED road lighting division, controllers and accessories division, product quality according to ISO quality management system strictly control, total more than 60 powerful production scale professional production line, is one of the largest domestic energy lighting manufacturers.